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The Ritual

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Harry and Catrina try a Ritual to that will help with war.

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A/N; To tell you the truth, I was going to bring everyone back, but at the very last minute, I change it to this ending, so sorry if I disappointed anyone.

Sorry for the clify, I guessing you can guess what happen to him so I can leave that out.

Also I don't own Harry Potter and please review.

Guardian’s Trunk/Potion’s Lab

Two days before New Years, two Guardians looked over several Potions they were brewing. “Catrina dear, do you think this will work?” Harry worriedly asked his wife whom was finishing the Potions that they need.

“This better work or our hard work for the last few weeks is for nothing.” Catrina sighed as she levitated the cauldrons to a table to let the potions cool down. “Harry just makes sure you cast spells right or this will not end the way we wish.” Catrina warned as her husband showed her the books he been studying.

“I should have no trouble with the spells, but I wish they weren’t in another language.” Harry complained as he looked over the books that was originally from another planet.

“Hush Harry, it’s a good thing you mastered the Language Spell or you will actually have to learn all the languages the spell will need.” Catrina scolded as she gathered up the potions. “Come on Harry, we need to set up the room we need to use for this spell, and luckily it will only take a couple hours.” Catrina smiled knowing they will have some free time together before they need to do what they need to do.

“And what shell we do until tomorrow my dear, I know Kat and Clover will be greatly missing their parents right now.” Harry smiled as his wife grinned.

“Our children can wait until tomorrow morning dear, for now I want to spend the remainder of the day with just us two.” Catrina grinned as she left the library.

“I wonder what does she want to do with me?” Harry thought but blushed at a thought. “Wait up dear, I coming with you.” Harry quickly yelled as he followed his wife out of the trunk they were in, and into their bedroom.

Secured Room

In a room warded with every Guardian spells to protect its secrets, a couple is just finishing adding the last details. “Almost an hour before Midnight, our guests should be here.” Harry whispered as he levitated a miniature cauldron into the center of a foot radius pool of glowing bluish water.

“I’ll get them Harry you go ahead and finish adding the last of the Runes.” Catrina suggested as her husband nodded.

“I’m on it I just wish we could have done all this beforehand.” Harry complained as he drew up some Runes onto the water.

“Hush Harry, you know the power of those Runes will quickly fade in a couple hours, so they must be the last thing we do before casting the spells.” Catrina scolded as she let some guests into the large room.

As the guest looked amazed at a floating pool of glowing water, one Guardian spoke up. “My friends I have here is a way to help with the War effect, but I’m afraid this is a one time use spell, which means in an hour we must be finish.” Catrina warned as one of the guests spoke up.

“Catrina what is all of this, I hope this isn’t illegal?” Hermione worriedly asked her professor.

“Hermione if you are thinking what we are doing is Dark Magic just to remind you we are Animal Guardians, in otherworld we are pure Light Creatures.” Catrina gently reminded her guilty looking student.

“Sorry I just never read a Ritual done this way.” An embarrass Hermione quickly informed her professor.

“It’s alright Hermione, since we did keep everyone in the dark of what we been doing.” Catrina smiled as she turned to the others. “The room we all are in is now sealed to the outside world, so everything that is done here will not be leak to unwanted ears until we are ready to reveal what we just did.” Catrina warned as her husband walked over.

“I’m done Catrina dear, all the spells and Runes are set, and we just need to wait for the hour before Midnight.” Harry tiredly informed his wife.

“Good work Harry, we now need a test to see if our hard work paid off.” Catrina smiled as she turned to her guests. “Mr. and Mrs. Diggory, I need you to come up to the pool of water.” Catrina gently asked as the couple step forward.

“Ah what are you going to do?” Amos Diggory worriedly asked.

“I can’t say for now, since we don’t really know this will work, but please I need you to stand opposite of each other with the pool of water between you.” Catrina gently suggested as the unsure looking couple complied. “Good now place your Wand on the Cauldron, and focus on your son Cedric, and all the happy memories you have of him.” Catrina suggested, as the couple looked puzzled before closing their eyes to picture their son. “Harry hurry up and get ready to cast the spells.” Catrina quickly suggested and her husband stood before the couple, he started talking in a strange language.

A moment after the clock in the room struck eleven, the pool of water brightly glowed as a beam of white light shot out of it, and soon a glowing ball of light floated out of the cauldron, to gently land onto the floor.

The moment after the ball of light touch the floor, the room went back to normal as the ball revealed a young man long thought dead. “Madam Pomfrey please can you check to see if Cedric made it back alright.” Catrina smiled as the shock looks of the group before her.

“Cedric but it can’t be!” Pomfrey stuttered out before doing her scans. “My word this is Cedric Diggory and not only that he is alive.” Pomfrey shouted as the young Wizard cringed.

“Madam Pomfrey please not so loud.” Cedric complained as he looked to the Guardians. “I’m glad you got Albus message, but could you have use someone else as a genie pig?” Cedric complained as the Guardians grinned.

“Sorry Cedric, but we did pull your name out of a hat so it wasn’t our choice to call you back first.” Harry smiled as the parents of the young man shouted in happiness as they hug their son

With the reunions just beginning, the Headmistress quickly step forward. “Harry does this mean this Ritual will bring the dead back to life?” McGonagall shockingly asked the Guardians.

“Actually we are not hundred percent sure this Ritual will bring everyone we want back to life.” Harry reluctantly informed his Headmistress. “But if the person we are trying to revive die before their time, this should work.” Harry suggested as he turned to an older friend. “Hey Remus are you ready to call back your Mutt.” Harry joked as a teary eye friend quickly went to the pool of water.

“Harry this better work or I will very displeased.” A teary eye Remus warned as he place his wand on the floating Cauldron.

Some minutes later, another successful reunion sounded as two lost friends were reunited. “Padfoot if you do another stunt like you did again I will personally bring you back to kill you myself.” Remus angrily scolded as they hug like brothers.

“Don’t worry my dear friend I will be staying here as long as possible.” Sirius smiled as others welcomed him back.

As his godfather started talking with his old friend, his godson stepped up to the pool. “Harry are you ready?” Catrina whispered to nodding Guardian.

“Let’s get this over with, so please cast the spell.” Harry gulped as he place a finger on the cauldron and closed his eyes.

No one in the room notice the Ritual again activated until the glowing pool got his or her attention. “Hey what is Harry doing” Hermione shouted as she saw who was at the pool.

“Harry must be trying to call his parents back!” McGonagall stuttered out, hoping this would work, as did many others.

A moment after the bright light shot out of the cauldron, two glowing balls appeared, but as everything died down, they all knew this did not work, as two ghostly figures appeared before the teary eye teen. “I’m sorry Harry, but we can’t be brought to life, since we were fated to die to give you the chance to rid the world of the Evil known as Tom Riddle.” Lily sadly informed her crying son, before turning to his wife. “Catrina please try to keep my son out of trouble, and make sure Kat and your other children don’t blow up Hogwarts.” Lily smiled, as did the young Guardian.

“I will try Lily, but as you must have seen, it will take an army to keep ALL my children in line.” Catrina smiled as did her stepfather spoke up.

“Harry please don‘t listen to my wife, and let your…ouch!” James started to say but his wife slapped the back of his head.

“Don’t you dare try recruiting the next generation of Marauders, or I will make your afterlife hell.” Lily warned as her husband cringed while she turned to her former professor. “Thank you Minerva for looking after Harry, I know he was a handful.” Lily smiled, as did her former professor.

“That he is, but as you must have seen, he did turn out to be a quit of Gentlemen.” McGonagall grinned as a few snorts of disbelief echoed about.

“That Harry is, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.” Lily smiled at her son, before looking sorry. “I’m afraid our time must be cut short, if you want to call back the last soul.” Lily sadly informed the Guardians.

“Wait mother, does this mean we can’t do this Ritual after today?” Harry worriedly asked.

“I’m afraid fate will only allow this ritual to be performed once, so if you try again, it will never work, even the stone will lose its power.” Lily warned as she and her husband started fading away.

“Harry please don’t mourn us, since you have a family to take care of, and just to let you know we are watching over you.” James grinned as he and his wife disappeared from the room.

With the couple gone, there was not a dry eye in the room, and as one wiped his eyes, he turned to his Headmistress. “Minerva, do you want to go next?” Harry sadly asks his Headmistress.

“Me Harry but why?” McGonagall could only stutter out.

“Minerva you are the only one here that is very close to Albus, so if you want to bring him back it must be you.” Harry sadly informed a wide-eye witch.

“I guess I will do it, so I can give him a piece of my mind for the things he done for your so call protection.” McGonagall grinned at the thought while stepping before the pool.

“And I know you will.” Harry thought as he cringed at the memory from the other dimension.

As soon as the last Ritual, was over, the pool dissolve into nothingness as the cauldron fell to the floor, no one notice this as the glowing ball of light faded to reveal a fully alive elderly wizard. “Save the best for last did you Harry?” Dumbledore smiled as the group slowly vacated the room.

“Actually Albus, I believe you have someone to talk too, so see you later I hope.” Harry quickly informed his former Headmaster as he and his wife disappeared leaving a gulping wizard facing a not so happy Headmistress.

“Hello Minerva, I’m guessing you are happy to see me alive?” Dumbledore happily asked, but soon looked ready to wet his pants as he saw how angry his professor looked.

“Happy is not what I am feeling Albus Dumbledore!” McGonagall growled as she walked towards the former decease Headmaster.

“Someone help me…” Dumbledore squeaked, as he was pounce on by his professor.
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