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The Mission

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Prowl and Ratchet are handed a recruiting mission and they must go into the Neutral Zone. While there, Prowl meets a mech whose predicament affects him more than he can imagine.

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Booming sounds echoed from high above, and every Autobot that was hiding in the underground tunnels of Iacon thought more than once that the walls would collapse at the next blow.

Prowl certainly thought of it anyway. He could remain calm in the exterior and retain the poise of a commanding officer all he liked; he still couldn't shake the possibility of the demolition of their last line of defence off his processor. For he was aware of the disaster that was caused in other, less fortunate cities and he didn't like it one bit.

Another volley of booming sounds almost shook the room that served as command centre, making everyone flinch. Prowl clearly heard Ironhide curse under his breath.

"The slaggers... They're trying to retrorat us out."

Optimus didn't say anything to that, even though his optics clearly showed he was worried. The Seekers had been bombarding Iacon repeatedly for the last two days, forcing the Autobots to take cover wherever they could. So far the damages were kept to a minimum, but that didn't mean things wouldn't change. He turned to the other two Autobots that were close by.

"Grapple, Hoist... How are the walls holding up?"

The large green and orange mech shook his head. "I'm afraid there are only that many repairs we can make. Not only that, but the constant bombardment doesn't allow us to go out in the open and so fix any damages outside the tunnels."

"Which means we'll have to send a task force to make sure it keeps them distracted while you're working," Prime said thoughtfully. "Prowl."

The white and black mech tensed and took a step forward. He had already overheard enough of the conversation to know what Prime wanted of him.

"Windcharger is the fastest and most agile of us; he should be able to avoid the Seekers' lasers successfully enough. The new guys, Sunstreaker and Sideswipe, seem tough to withstand all but the heaviest laser fire; this should be a good opportunity to test their strengths. And Jazz should be in command - he has the most experience."

"That's all we can spare?” Ironhide exclaimed. "What about the other Minibots?"

"Not possible," Prowl said. "They're helping Wheeljack with the building of the Ark."

"Well then, some of the other warriors!"

"They're already on other missions," Prowl replied.

Ironhide clenched his jaw. "Fine. Then I'll go!”

"Negative," Prowl interjected. "You should remain here and protect Prime in case the mission fails and our defences get breached."

"Then you go!"

"If it helped, I would," Prowl said coolly.

Ironhide was about to say his opinion concerning a certain tactician and his obsession with logic, but Prime proved faster and placed a hand on his shoulder.

"Enough, Ironhide," he said. "We shouldn't be fighting amongst ourselves when the enemy is circling above us."

Ironhide couldn't argue with that, so he only bowed his head. Optimus was far from finished though.

"However, Ironhide has a point, Prowl. We're losing far more warriors than we can afford. As soon as you hand Jazz and the others their assignments, I want you to go to the Neutral Zone with Ratchet and see if you can find any able-bodied mechs willing to join our cause. Is that understood?"

Prowl nodded his acknowledgment. "Will do, Prime."

And with that, he walked out the door.


Handing Jazz, the Twins and Windcharger their mission was an easy enough task for Prowl. However, he later had to deal with a certain medic who didn't want to leave before finishing his repairs on Tracks, who was foolish enough to get in front of Starscream's lasers during a skirmish. Prowl tried to object and say that they had to leave while the Seekers weren't bombarding the city, that as long as the walls held on there would be no medical emergency; and that even if there was one, Perceptor was more than capable of handling it.

It was of no use though. Ratchet wasn't built to let logic dictate his actions; he was built to care for the warriors' health and that's precisely what he did. That was why Prowl didn't really hold it against the medic when the latter shoved him out of the medical bay with many a curse and a final: "I'll be there when I can!"

Fortunately, Prowl didn't have to wait that long for Ratchet after all. An hour later, Ratchet came out of the medical bay with a medical kit in his hands, telling Tracks to stay where he was until Perceptor dismissed him or there would be hell to pay. The very intimidated word of affirmation from the injured Autobot seemed to satisfy Ratchet for the time being. So, he grabbed Prowl by the arm and started walking away, muttering something that the tactician could only translate as:

"Let's get this slag over with."

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