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Fights, White and Lyrics

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The Final Chapter. What Emmi really had been feeling since catching Ryan with Keltie.

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A/N: I have absolutely nothing against Keltie Colleen. She's just someone to use as the other woman.

"Why in the hell did you do that?" He spat out. Never before had I seen anyone this angry, and Ryan was well beyond angry. I took hold of Jon's hand in comfort, and could feel the tears prickling the corners of my eyes.
"I...I...I...You cheated on me! With your ex! Who you told me" I never finished, as the most horrifying sight, apart from seeing Ry with another woman, walked through the door - Keltie Colleen, and she was headed for Ryan. Once she got to him, she kissed him fully on the mouth, and he didn't even push her away. Anger was rising within me, and I let loose. I'm not normally one to acto on instinct, or be violent, but the next thing I knew, my hand had made contact with Ryan's left cheek.
"To think I actually loved you!" I screamed at him, before running out the door. I couls hear shouting behind me, no doubt at Ryan. I could hear the word abstard being tossed about, as well as profanities towards Keltie. I ran onto the street without looking, and heard a screech of tyres and a scream. A scream that had come from my lips. I was on the road, struggling to keep my eyes open as the darkness began to seep in. With the last ounce of strength I could muster, I asked something to the driver that had hit me. It was the only thing I wanted known, as I knew my life was more than likely soon to be over.
"T...t...tell Ryan that I...I...I forgive him." And then I let the darkness wash over me.
Well She's not bleeding on the ballroom floor, just for the attention


I could hear whispers around me, and I slowly let my eyes flutter open. The smell was the first thing to hit me.
This is the scent of dead skin on a linoleum floor, this is the scent of quarratined wings in a hospital
The second thing to hit me was the sheer whiteness of the room I was in. The boys mnus Ryan, and four others were tucked in the small room with me. Clutching onto my right hand as hard as possible, as if it could save my life was Brendon, and his head was resting on my forearm. His heavy head, if I might add in. Holding my left hand, and talking to someone at the foot of the bed was Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy, whom I never before now had met.
I am, alone in this bed, house and head
I moved my right hand so that I could reach Bren's forehead and brushed a lock of hair that had fallen over his eyes away. He lifted his head, and said in a whisper to the others, 'She's awake". Pete let go of my left hand, and everyone in the room let out a sigh of relief.
"How -" My throat felt raspy, and I lifed a hand and massaged it slightly.
"What happened?"
"You got in a car accident," Jon replied, walking over to the bed.
"Another?" He nodded, and the build up of cloudy moisture behind me eyes began to slide down my cheeks.
"How long was I out for?" Everyone in the room exchanged glances.
'Tell Me!!!"
"You've...been in a comatose state for two and a half months now. We had to cancel our tour, which is why Pete and the rest of Fall Out Boy are here, cause we were supposed to go with them." Spencer said from the shadows.
"And Ryan?"
"Has been in here everyday. He's distraught over the whole incident. He's never left your side, and he told us something that I think you should hear."
"I told him already that I forgave him." That got everyones attention. "I came round once when he was visiting, only for a minute or two, and told him that I forgave him for all that he did. I instantly went back under."
"That must have been when they first admitted you, because they said there was a change in stats and that you had moved from a stable condition to one that was incredibly unlikely for you to come out of," Brendon informed me, and I ran my hand through his heair.
"I want to see him. I want him to come in and I want to talk to him alone." I whispered out in the tiniest voice possible. Pete heard me and shooed everyoune from the room. I rolled onto my side, and took in a couple of reassuring breaths. I heard the door open and shut softly, and almost instantaniously felt plump, sof lips pressed to mine, and I knew everything would be okay. I'd make them okay. With or without Ryan, Panic, and all my friends, new or old.

Well, that's it for this story folks. I may make a sequel, but I'm still undecided. Tell me what do you think - sequel? Yes? No?
Stay tuned for my Rydon fic, entitled But It IS One Of Those Dreams, Up in a day or so.
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