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The title explains it all, right?

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Christmas day snuck up on us quickly. Soon it was away from Guitar Hero and forcing the boys to attempt new songs (even though I'm still undecided against the baby, I'm taking on mother hen role really well!), and into shopping, cooking and wrapping presents. I was so happy to finally be able to cook for them, and have genuine fun with them, without having to worry about anything bad happening. But soon we were gathered round the ole x-mas tree, waiting to open presents.

Brendon was the most excited, jumping up and down in his seat and demanding to open one of his first, a true kid at heart. We all gave in, and told him he could open one first, and he chose to do mine. The first part of it was supposed to be a gimmic. I went to one of those custom order shops, and asked tham to make a black t-shirt with the words "I'm With Princess" on in a pale pink. He laughed his head off at this, and then got to the rest of his prezzie. I got him Guitar Hero 2, and a couple of the singstars, which he litterally sreamed like a girl in anticipation at playing them. He instantly came over to me and lated his arms around me, enveloping me in a hug. I couldn't help but smile at his actions. He opened the rest of his presents, and acted 'normally' whilst saying thanks to the boys (by normally, I mean almost forcing himself not to kiss either of the boys on the lips).

Next up was Jon, who got random things that I don't really remember that well. All I remember is that I bought him a new pair of Mandles, and some trinkety type things. Then Spencer went, and he got mainly clothes, except for my present to him which was a DVD collection of documentaries of the "Best Drummers of Our Time, 1970-2007", which he loved. The boys groaned and muttered stuff under their breath, which I chose to ignore.

Then it was my turn. I opened Jon's first, and was amazed to see how much he spent on me. I mean, it must have been like, over $2,500. He boughtt me a couple of evening gowns, one red, and one black, and other pretty dresses, aswell as some designer shoes and LOADS of make-up. I mean, this batch was enough to even rival that of Panic! At the Disco's members COMBINED. I had never felt so loved enough to have so many material posessions given to me before, and a single tear slid down my cheek.
"Thank you Daddy." I only realised what I said once it had escaped my lips, and my lips quivered as more tears fell. Jon came over and scooped me into his arms, whispering into my ear.
"It's okay, we won't worry about it. Just go back to being the happy, carefree Emmi soon?" I nodded my head, and wiped my eyes.
I took hold of Brendon's present, and tore the paper off quickly. The first thing to tumbe out was a giant, two foot tall teddy bear. I wondered why it was so big! I then delved deeper into the packaging, and drew out four jewellery boxes. Incased in the first, a beautiful pair of silver earrings, with a single black stone in at sud level. Three strands of thin silver hung down from where the stud was. In the second, a matching necalce, but there were about seven or eight black stones along the neckline, and it fitted like a choker, the strands of silver running down in between my breasts as I put in on. Before I opened the other two boxes, I put on the earrings. The next box contained a simple, thin and delicate silver anklet, which Brendon put around my right ankle for me, as I opened the last box, which was a thick silver bracelet, maybe two centimeters wide, encrusted with black stones, and a single red ruby. I launched myself at Brendon, and hugged him til all his stuffing fell out (another of my Bear jokes!)
Then was Spencers, whose was heavy. I turned out to be a laptop, Mac of course, and a couple of programs, one of which was Garage Band.
"It's so you can record some demos and send them out," He explained later. There was one, tiny present left beneath the tree, and Spence went over to pick it up.
"It's for Emmi, from Ryan." I took it off him quickly, contemplating whether I wanted to open it or not.
"I suppose I should," I said quietly, before ripping off the paper. In my hand, another jewellery box, not unlike the ones from Brenny's present. I opened it slowly, and saw a beautiful silver ring, with two tiny diamonds either side of a blood-red ruby. I was speechless at the sheer beauty of the ring. Brendon snuck up behind me, curiosity taking over him, and saw the ring, and let out a small cry of "oh my god".
"I can't take it," I explained, and let the box fall to the floor. "Not after what he's done, what he will do to our child. That's why I've decided...I can't have it." The boys accepted this, and we let the rest of the day pass over us, all excitemed extracted from when Ryan's gift was opened.


That next Friday, 28th December, Jon accompanied me to the clinic in Las Vegas, where we made a booking to get the child aborted. It all went smoothly, and I didn't once regret my descision.
As we got back to Brendon's place, and I sat down with a cup of tea and Jon next to me, none other than Ryan Ross came through the door.
"Did you get my ring?"
"Yes, it's beautiful, but I can't wear it. Not after what you did."
"Well, I suppose it's understandable." Noting that I hand my hand casually laying across my stomach, he asked a question.
"How's the pregnancy coming?"
"It's not."
"What do you mean by that?"
"I mean that an hour ago, I aborted the baby."
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