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Pain Never Leaves, Especially From The Ones You "Love"

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Emmi finds out something horrifying about Ryan Ross, and The other three band members aren't exactly happy about it either.

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15th December 2007. Brendon Urie's new pad, just a two minute walk away from Spencer Smith's house, the other side of the city to Ryan Ross' house, three hours drive away from Jon Walker's house. Bored you yet? hehe

OK, it's the 15th of December, and last night, I didn't get one wink of sleep. I was throwing up all night long, and Ryan being the complete gentleman he is, stayed up with me, until he finally crashed twenty minutes ago. It is now 10:30 in the morning, and bleary eyed Brendon stumbled out of his bedroom.
"Morning Bear," I said, calling him by a random nickname I've been calling him lately.
"Morning Princess." He replied, bringing a smile to my pale and pasty face. "Are you okay?" He looked genuinly worried.
"Other than the fact that I've been throwing up for 13 hours straight, I'm at the top of the freakin' world!!" No sleep and being ill don't mix well in my body.
"Awww, Princess.." He swept me into a hug, then led me to the couch.
"Sit down. Jon will be out in a moment; he's just finished in the shower, and I'll go in. Spencer will be here in about 10 minutes, so stay here until we get back."

Ten minutes later,a nd everyone was in Bren's living room, 'cept Ryan, who was still sleeping. I'd explained to them why he was still in bed, and they asked no further questions. I felt really cold, due to lack of sleep, and the fact that I was in jogging pants and a singlet, so I wandered up the stairs to Ryan/My room, but stopped when I came to the door. I could hear moans coming from Ryan, the types of moans he makes when he's having a good time, and I smiled to myself. Probably feeling himself up, knowing he can't get the real thing! I thought to myself. But ten I heard another groan, but it didn't sound like one Ryan made. Oh no, it was more high pitched. It was from a woman, I could tell. I opened the door, and stormed in, and saw something I want extracted from my memory forever - Ryan, lying in bed, with Keltie Colleen straddling his waist, rocking slightly on his hips. Three guesses what they were up to.

I completely forgot that I was cold, and headed back out of the room, and down to the boys.
"Don't let him anywhere near me again!" I shouted at them, before heading to the kitchen, making it to the sonk just in time as I threw up, most likely from disgust at what I just witnessed, but also partly due to carrying an unborn child. Brendon hurried over to me to comfort me, and asked me something simple.
"Ryan FUCKING Ross. Keep him away from me, from this house...please" And then the tears came. I collapsed in his arms.
"What did he do?"
"You mean other than sleep with another woman?" Jon and Spencer both heard this, and instantly went upstairs. Brendon comtinued to help me calm down my emotions, whilst I could hear the other two boys shouting at Ryan and Keltie through the ceiling. Then I heard the front door open and slam close, and Jon and Spence came over to me.
"We've made Ryan stay with his mom for the rest of the holiday season. He shouldn't be bothering us."
"Thank you."


The next week, we were putting up decorations around B's house. It was looking really beautiful, much better than any of the pastfour Christmas' that I remember. Brendon asked me to put the star on the top of the tree, and I obliged. It only hit me once I was up on the ladder - We had a 5 meter high tree - that I was shit scared of heights. I could feel all the colour draining from my face.
"Oh shit guys, Emmi's scared of heights," Sepncer said, brain clicking into action. Then I was falling again, falling into Brendon's arms. A few seconds later, I came around, still in his strong arms.
"Tank you Bear. Thank you so much. I know I'm hard to look after, but you all put up with me. I feel like I have a family again. Jon, my protective father, Brendon my sweet older brother, even though you're younger than me, and Spencer, the younger brother who remembers every little detail about his sister. I love you all, you know that, right?"
"Yeah, we know. And we love you too..." Jon replied


Aww, how cute. I'm in the process of writing the next two chapters, which should be up soon, and they'll be filled with drama, fights and maybe a little slash???!!! Tell me, what do you think?
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