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Chicago is SO One Month Ago

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The title of this chapter is edited from a Fall Out Boy song, and in it, we just have random drabble about the characters.

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A/N: Short Chapter

Time flies when you're having fun. A bit of a cliched saying, but it works for me. The boys and I have now spent the last month in Jonny's Chicago home, and we're headed for Vegas so the other three can be with their families at Christmas. Brendon's family kind of kicked him out after they learnt of the half-naked stage dancers on their tours with them, so his had his own place, and I was to stay there with him, Ryan and Jon, whilst Spence spent some time with his parents.

To sum up the past month, we've been to parties, to concerts, shopping, the boys even treated me to a spa weekend, which I went with Spence and Jon's partners, and Ashlee Simpson, as she is Pete Wentz' "significant other" - his words, not mine!

But now, as Christmas approaches, it being 14th December, I'm all hyped for the holiday season, a time of year where I can cook, and not be yelled at by the boys cause they have someone to do it for them! Landing at the Las Vegas airport, I have never felt so nervous, and I couldn't work out why I felt so bad...maybe it's the pregnancy, which I still haven't made a desicion on.
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