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Will You Be My Boyfriend?

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Sequel to my oneshot *Now I Know.* Frankie and Mikey's relationship grows.

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Gerard has a girlfriend now. Her name is Amber and she comes around quite often when mom and dad aren't home. Sometimes I can hear them from the living room. They giggle and squeal and moan and most of the time I can't stand it, though sometimes I listen. It's mostly curiosity that makes me listen, along with teenage hormones and all that jazz. When I do it I try to imagine what I could do to Frankie to make him moan like that, and try not to think about how perverted it is to masturbate to the sounds of my brother having sex with his girlfriend. What else do I have any way? Mom blocked the movie channels that show soft core porn at midnight so it's about the only stimulation I have, other then thoughts of Frankie.

Speaking of him we got an A on our book report. He's also started sitting by me in English class. We pass notes while Mrs. Kohler rants and laugh about her absurd opinions on modern authors. I would say that the relationship that is forming between us is going quite well, yet I constantly find myself wishing that there was more to it. Wishing that he would kiss me again or at least talk about the time that he did.


'I'm thinking about getting my lip pierced.' I was forced to read Frankie's chicken scratch under the desk as Mrs. Kohler passed and looked down on our half finished vocabulary worksheets with a sneer.
'Lip piercing are sexy.' My reply reached Frankie as soon as Mrs. Koher turned her back to start down the next row of graffiti covered desks and blurry eyed teenagers. His cheeks flushed when he read it.


'Sexy as hell.'

Frankie bit and fiddled with his bottom lip for the rest of the class period. It was kind of hard for me not to look.


That afternoon I met Frankie on the bus ramp. We had been planning to hang after school again for a week but his job kept getting in the way. I don't know why he doesn't quit. Apparently his boss treats him like crap and works him long hours almost every day. It was hell getting him over to finish our report but we did it and today he's coming over again.

I was more nerves then the last time Frankie came over and the whole bus ride there, in between random bits of conversation, I was praying that Gerard's girlfriend wasn't coming over. I also prayed that Frankie would kiss me again, but knowing my luck and the way our classroom dialogue has played out it probably wouldn't happen. Stupid me.

Frankie was surprisingly eager to get to my house, he bounced down the steps when the bus stopped and just about dragged me across the lawn. "Hey take it easy," I laughed as he hurried me to unlock the front door. "What's the big rush?"

"No rush really I just want to get inside. I have something for you." The exitement that swelled inside frightened me a little. It was like I almost knew what was coming but I didn't want to believe it.

As soon as the door opened I got what he wanted to give me. He shoved me against the entrance way wall and kissed me, hard and needy like he had been waiting for a long time to do it. I moaned and pressed myself against him. It was every thing that I had hoped for and remembered from last time, maybe even better. "Frankie," I moaned when he began to kiss my neck.


His breath ghosting across the spot where his lips and teeth used to be made me shiver. "Will you be my boyfriend?"


"Frankie right?" Mom asked as she tore her garlic bread in half and dunked it in some left over pasta sauce. Frankie nodded a bit shyly and stared at his plate. "It's nice to finely have one of Mikey's friends over for dinner." Frankie looked as though he was getting nerves so I poked him with my fork. He glared at me.

"Hey Mikey guess what," Gerard blurted exitedly.


"That girl from across the street, Julie I think, I saw her at the comic store and she asked about you."


"She wanted to know if you're single." I almost choked on a peace of spaghetti. "So are you?" Gerard and my mother looked at me like they were actually expecting an answer. Frankie went back to staring at his plate and his cheeks took on a rosy color.

"Not really." They didn't seem satisfied, but who cares. It's not really any of their business that Frankie said yes when I asked him to be with me. As well as the fact that only thirty minutes pryer to Mother's lovely dinner we were fumbling around with each other on my bed. None of their business once so ever.


Frankie walked home. Gerard offered to drive him but he insisted. 'It's only a couple of blocks I can manage.' I followed him to the side walk like it was a date or something. Guess you could say it was because he gave me a quick little good bye kiss. After I had watched him walk to the end of the block I retreated into the house. It was clear that my mother wanted to talk about my "girlfriend" so I avoided her, hoping that by morning she would forget all about it and I could push back my coming out of the closet as far as possible. Gerard was harder to avoid though. If he wants to talk to you he'll go and do it, no skirting around the issue for him.

"So, who are you going out with?"

"Get out of my room Gerard!"

"Oh come on you can tell me." Gerard smiled as he threw himself onto my bed and shifted around so that he could look at me and draw the answer out with his eyes. It was uncomfortable to have him looking at me like that but I didn't give him a name. For a while I just stood there and thought about whether or not I wanted him to tell him. By that point Frankie and I hadn't discussed letting people know, so I was unsure if he would be mad at me. 'It's not something to be ashamed of, and he's already seen you kiss Frankie it's not like he'll be shocked.'

"Hello. Earth to Mikey."

"Huh? Oh sorry, did you say something?"

Gerard rolled his eyes. "Mom thinks it's a girl you know. She thinks that it's her friend, what's-her-face's, daughter."

"Who do you think it is?"


Well he caught me. I knew that it wouldn't take long for Gerard to figure out who I was with and one of the many reasons I couldn't take Julie Howard bowling. "I asked him and he said yes."

"That's awesome. So which one is the girl?"

Oh my god, he didn't just say that!? "Neither of us is the girl, now get out of my room!"

Gerard laughed as he stood from my bed and left the room.


Frankie and I had taken to spending as much time as possible together. If our classes were near each other we would stay in the hall till the last minute, and one time he convinced me to skip seventh period with him. We made out under the visitor side bleachers of the football field. We hung out after school as well. I visited Frankie at his job selling gas, raspberry slushies, and cigarettes at the 7-Eleven three blocks from his house, and he came home with me at least once a week. I liked it better when he came over, cause even though we had to hide from Gerard and his sex crazed girlfriend, we could do what ever we wanted and Frankie didn't have to stop and pound some sense into the broken register when it began to beep.

"Have you said anything to your mom yet or does she still think you're dating some mystery woman."

"I'm scared to tell her."

Frankie directed a little girl in pigtails to the candy aisle and frowned at me. "What exactly makes you scared about telling her? Are you afraid of what she might do? I kind of doubt she'll throw you outa the house." He shrugged and took the girls money for her M&M's. "When I told my parents that I like boys they didn't so much as blink. Your mom seems as understanding as they are."

"It's mostly my nerves I guess."

"Well do you want me to be there? I could help you."

"Yeah thanks, you can blurt it out when I find it too hard to speak."

He chuckled and pulled me closer, pressing his lips to mine and begging entrance with his tongue. The kiss was just getting good when some one cleared their throat across the counter. I pulled away reluctantly and turned to see, to my complete and utter horror, my mother.

"Julie Howard is going to be really disappointed now." That was all she said before leaving a five on the counter and walking out with a gallon of milk. Her smile clearly visible.

"I knew she wouldn't be upset," Frankie laughed.
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