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Julie Howard and the Missing Door

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We learn more about Julie and her little crush on Mikey.

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Julie Howard is in my Physics class. Mom set me up to go to the homecoming dance with her months ago and she kissed me on the dance floor. Awkward is one of the words I would use to describe it, along with hesitant and unexpected. We haven't really spoken sense and Frankie has been on my mind too much for me to focus on my few friends, Julie being one of them. She also lives across the street and has a habit of sitting on her front steps when its my turn to mow the lawn. I do imagine that my mother is right. Julie would be disappointed to find out about me and Frankie.

"Did you take notes yesterday?"

I lifted my head from the lab table and blinked up at Julie with slight surprise. "Yeah."

"Mind if I borrow them?" I nodded lazily and began digging for them in my messenger bag. 'Last weeks graded homework, gum wrappers, dirty note from Frankie, a crumpled five dollar bill, some shit that I should probably throw away...Ah here we go.' I handed over the notes with a smile and set about stuffing everything that I had to pull out to get to it back in my bag. She worried the thin pieces of paper in her hands and watched me.

"You're not going to stand there all day are you?" She blushed and took the empty seat beside me. Most of the contents of my bag still littered the lab table so I didn't notice when Julie took a slightly ripped page from the jumbled pile. "So you do have a girlfriend. She's quite a goer."


Julie's blush deepened a bit as she started to read. "I can't wait till the fucking clock says 3:00. Then we could have some alone time and I can finely get around to tasting your cock." I tried to snatch back the note but Julie was too quick. "Frankie? That's a cute nick-name for a girl." She giggled and my face burned.

It could have been worse. She could have been more upset, then again how do I know that she wasn't upset. She does belong to the drama club so it could have been an act and right now at this moment Julie could be crying her eyes out over me and my goer of a "girlfriend."


"Coming over today?"

Frankie nodded and worked his jaw faster, rushing to finish his bite of bologna and cheese. He swallowed hard with a cringe. "I wish to discuss a matter of great importance."

"Ah, important enough to use language normally reserved for an English essay wilst speaking."

"'Tis true my good sir."

The cafeteria buzzed around us in the usual way that threatened a headache and a cup of fruit cocktail that mother slipped into my lunch when I wasn't looking found its way in the trash can. A samich bag full of oreos was kept for oreos are tastier.

"I love these things. Licking the cream from the middle brings me much joy."

I smiled at Frankie, twisted the top of one of the cookies and offered it to him. He leaned closer but didn't take it. His tongue darted out and he began to lick the oreo cream and every so often my fingers. I probably should have been worried about the other kids seeing but I was to focused on Frankies tongue and how it lapped at the creamy, white goodness.


Julie's eyes were burning holes in my skull the whole bus ride home. I had a suspicion that she was watching me in hopes of seeing my "girlfriend." What she didn't know was that he was sitting right beside me.

"I can't wait much longer let's just talk about it now."

With a nod I scooted closer to Frankie on the bench seat. "Go ahead."

"Do you want to be open about us?"

"What do you mean?"

"Ya know, not lie when some one asks who we're dating. Be honest and not hide it."

"Honestly I don't care who knows."

Frankie laughed in relief. "Good cause I very nearly told this girl that grabbed my ass in the hallway but I wasn't sure that you would approve." Smiling he kissed my cheek and Julie stirred in her seat across the aisle.

The bus stopped on our block a few minutes later and Frankie, Julie, and I got off. "Hey Mikey!" I turned to see Julie standing awkwardly on the sidewalk and the bus disappear around the corner. She handed me the Physics notes. "Thanks."

"Welcome. The handwriting wasn't too bad was it?"

"No, I could read it just fine." Her eyes shifted to Frankie and she held out her now empty hand. "My name's Julie."

"Frankie," he replied politely and shook her hand. The look on her face...Oh god mom was right and I felt so guilty. Julie is really a nice girl and her hopes shouldn't be crushed like that. She forced a smile. Frankie and I forced one back.


"That was one of the most uncomfortable encounters of my life." Frankie said as he threw his bag behind the door and sprawled out on my bed. I joined him, wrapping my arms around him, welcoming his warmth after the bitter cold from outside. "That day at 7-eleven your mom was right. Poor girl."

"I feel awful about it." Frankie's fingers began to play with my hair. "I so wish there was a way to make her feel better."

"Nothing comes to mind. Hopefully she'll get over it. There must be plenty of other guys that would want her and vice versa. She seems like a nice enough girl."

"She is. If I liked girls I would want her. Shit I even had her for that one night."


Frankie looked down at me with a questioning expression and I suppressed the urge to laugh. "My mom and her mom set us up to go to the homecoming dance. It was kind of nice, but like I said, if I liked girls I would want her." He chuckled and I kissed him.

The rest of the evening was devoted to trying to fulfill the wish that Frankie had expressed in his dirty note, but mom came home early and decided not to knock and walked in as soon as Frankie got his hand down my pants. Now I have no bedroom door. I'm not joking, I'm serious. My mother found a screw driver and took my door off its fucking hinges. Gerard laughed his ass off till I threatened to tell mom about his girlfriend and how she likes it when he bites her thighs.


"I would knock but I see that your door is missing."

Dad's home, oh joy. Now I have to endure a long, embarrassing father son talk. "Has mom told you why it's missing?"

He nodded and sat beside me on the bed. "She mentioned it and apparently you and I need to have a talk."

"Could we just cut to the chase find out when my door's coming back?"

"I wish but if Donna finds out she'll banish my to the sofa." With a groan I removed my glasses so that I could massage the bridge of my nose. "Son, I don't know where to start. Frankie's not a girl so I don't really know if any advice I have will apply."

"Try some any way. Then you could at least tell mom that we talked."

"Okay." Dad stared at me and I stared at him.

'Maybe his mind would just go blank and he wouldn't be able to think of anything to say if I concentrate hard enough.'


'Well I guess I'm not psychic.'

"No risk of pregnancy in a gay relationship, but the use of them is still recommended, available at any drugstore."

"Learn that from health class did you?"

"They even had us practice on a banana it was humiliating, kind of like this conversation."

Dad chuckled. "Good, now you get your door back next week."

"When I get it back can it have a lock?"



Hehe, I just love that oreo metaphor.
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