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Chapter Three

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Chapter Three

“Kevin Goodman!” I slammed my hand on the table, smiling triumphantly. Morgan just stared at me. It was after school, and he was no longer in his geeky attire. At A.N I think he felt more comfortable in his street cloths. I have to remind myself to ask him about that later.

“um... what now?” he asked,

“I found out who our kilogram is.” I said,

“oh, thats good. Did you also found out who's 'them'?” He asked going back to his book that he was reading when I found him. Bookworm? I asked my self. I got to ask him about that too.

“um... no I didn't.” I said no longer feeling so triumphant. Just like Morgan to ruin my good mood. He looked up from his book and stared at me. His eyes turned gold, and it kind creped me out.

“W-w-what?” I asked finally,

“Nothing.” He said, his eyes turning back to their original deep brown. He sighed and got up. “ Isuzu wants to see us.” He said.

“Oh.. ok.” I said in a sort of a whisper. Isuzu, also known as Commander Isuzu. She was the one who gave me the choice. To either have my brain fried or become a member or A.N. As you may very well know already I choose to not make my brain a piece of mush, and became part of A.N special forces unit. I was C-class, lowest of the low. Morgan originally an A-class had to start all the way back to the beginning. If it bothered him, he never showed it. Not even when I saw him take down that demon. All he did was turn his head, laugh and scratch the back of his head. As if he was a little kid who was spotted taking cookies from a cookie jar. Though that didn't last long, he put on a straight face, took me by the hand to took me to A.N Headquarters, where Commander Isuzu gave me a choice. Or how she put it a chance.

Like back then, Morgan grabbed my hand and took me to Commander Isuzu's Office. Back to the women who gave me this new life. To me she was my worst enemy not those “monsters that live under my bed.”
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