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Chapter Five

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Chapter Five

I sighed, I opened my eyes to find that I wasn't Alone. I jumped from my bed and Her name came to me. Brenda Collins.

“what the?! How? why?” I stuttered on.

“Thanks to you I'll never be able to warn K.G!” She Said standing over me with he hands at her hips.

“Am.. Sorry..” I stammered

“Damn straight!” She said. I looked at her With disbelieve then I Shut my eyes. Maybe if I shut my Eye she'll go away. Nope. Unfortunately she was still there.

“Now what do you plan to do about K.G, G-Gnosis!”

“Kevin?” I asked.

“Yes, my baby brother.” She said.

“Well am not sure what we're going to do, I just have to find them. You Should ask Morgan.” I said.

“Morgan, you mean that other G-Gnosis? I tried, but I can't Close to him, he must have some sort of physic barrier around him. Because I couldn't get to him, I decide to come to you. You're a lot easier to get to then the others.”

I laughed, “ kinda New. Am a trainee.”

“What!? Now what am I going to do.”

We sat there in silence. Yes what are we going to do.
“...there will be no long good bye. As I stare through and I stand quiet still...”

“Wow, Very Good.” I heard Brenda say. I grew embarrassed. With out meaning to I ended up singing.

“You called?” Came a familiar Voice be the Window.

“Morgan?! What are you doing here?”

“I don't know I just had this fiage to come over.” He said, Climbing inside.

“A Fiage.” He nodded.

“huh? Ah, Brenda Collins.” He said with out a hint of Surprise.

“And your not surprised?” I asked.

“No, It's normal.” He said cleaning his glasses. It was then that I noticed that he was dressed in his school cloths.

“Normal? How is this normal?” I asked Pointing to Brenda.

“Normally, When people die and turn to ghosts, they change, Most of them become evil, and start to terrorize anyone around them, or one specific person. In Ms. Collins Case, she Haunted Specific people, and killed them off.”


“Yes, everyone that Ms. Collins Had killed where Business typhoons who Illegally Dumbed waste in ocean, parks, etc. When we hit here with the Spirit ” said Morgan.

I looked over to Brenda and the Word...
“tree hugger”

Came to mind.

“Exactly.” Said Morgan.

“well enough about me, what about Kevin?” She asked very impatient.

“Yes, Kevin. We'll be keeping on eye on him.”

“And why is that?”

“For one thing you may have come to your sense now, chances are that you'll go make to that insane madness again and start killing people. Ah! Before you have a chance to get some facts straight.” He said to her, as if he was her Superior.

“Whats that suppose to mean?”

“Grace Grasion, your fifth Victim you killed was just a secretary, and you mistook her for Diana Kobett. The CEO of Kobett Industry. Now if you don't want To End up at In some other place where your soul rots and what not, then I suggest you, listen.” Said Morgan.

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