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But It IS One Of Those Dreams

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My first Rydon fic. Based on the Nothing Rhymes With Circus Tour act before "Lying is the Most Fun..." My first attempt at a slash sex scene!!

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Brendon walked over to Ryan, continuing the act as they had done for the past ten or eleven shows, but he wanted to spice things up a little, and show his true feelings to the person of his dreams, Ryan Ross. Yes, Brendon Urie, lead singer of hit band Panic! At the Disco, was gay - well, actually bisexual, but that doesn't matter here - and he has been having feelings towards the guitar player for the band, ever since they formed almost two years ago. He had tried to supress them, but they slowly grew stronger and stronger. He didn't care what the fans would think, what the rest of the band would think, what the paparazzi would think, even what Ryan himself may think, but he went for what his heart truly wanted.
"The way with that, passionate kiss." And Brendon leaned into kiss Ryan on the lips passionatly. Ryan welcomed his by parting his lips slightly, giving Brendon access to his mouth, and Brendon was slightly taken aback, but a split-second later ran his tongue along Ryan's bottom lip, before parting from him and winking.
"But this is not one of those dreams. This is about sweaty, angry, crazy, monstrous fucking."

They finished up the rest of the show without a hitch, did the normal meet and greet, and headed back to the hotel to crash for the night. Spencer and Jon crashed in one of the rooms instantly, which left Ryan and Brendon to share the other room. As they were only staying in the city for a night, they booked a suite which had king beds in each rooms, meaning the boys had to lay next to each other!

As soon as they had stepped through their door, thrown their crap on the floor and closed the door, Ryan's lips came crashing onto Brendons in pure passion and lust. Ryan tugged at Brendon's shirt, and it was soon off the slender boy and on the floor. Brendon got to work on Ryan's, and it soon joined his on the floor, exposing Ryan's beautifully muscular, yet incredibly skinny chest. Brendon couldn't help but kiss his way down Ryan's chest and stomach. Bren unbuckled Ryan's pants, and slid them down his lags so they pooled at his ankles. The boxers soon joined them, and Brendon took sight of the beautiful boy before him. He ran his hands over Ryan's legs and up his stomach, soon caressing his back and bottom, still crouched on the floor. A faint blush came across Ryan's cheeks, and that turned Brendon on just that little more. He started tracing patterns lightly with his forefinger on Ryan's inner thights, causing the older boy to let out a gutteral moan, in which Brendon obliged to. He took Ryan's length in one hand, and slowly lifted his lips to it, brushing it ever so slightly. Ryan moved his hands down so that they were resting on the back of Brendon's head, and pushed him towards what he wanted.
A smile crept on Brendon's face, before he took Ryan. He was licking, nipping, stroking and sucking for about 10 minutes before Ryan had his release into Brendon's mouth, in amongst cries of "Oh Brendon" and "Fuck"
It was a surprise that neither Spencer or Jon came knocking to see what the hell was going on. After cleaning himself up and standing up, Brendon led Ryan over to the bed, slowly taking off the rest of his clothes in the process. Ryan slipped under the covers, and Brendon joined him. Ryan leant his head on Brendon's chest, and curled up around him. Brendon leant his head down, and kissed Ryan one last time before closing his eyes.
"I've been wanting to do that to your angelic body since I first laid eyes on you," He admitted, as Ryan curled up tighter in his arms.
"So have I Brendon. I've wanted it so much, I was saving myself for you," Ryan replied, kissing his newfound lovers chest. Another smile came on Brendon's face, and both boys fell asleep quickly, content in each others arms.

Now remember, this is my first slash sex fic. If it was good,m please tell me, cause I might write more!
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