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a girl falls in love with this boy who lives in an old fashioned town in the middle of a large wooded area.

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Elizabeth could see Jake bobbing ahead of her. he took a turn and she lost him.
"Jake," she yelled. "Jake!" she yelled agian. "Think your so funny don't you!" she yelled trough the tears that had started to come.
she sat down among the leaves from last fall and cried.
when she got up she started to walk. she did not know where she was going, but she wanted to go home. she saw a patch of light ahead of her and she ran towards it.

Chapter 1- 1795

I burst through the trees as fast as i could but when i was where i was i stopped so quick i tripped.
it was if i'd taken a step back in timeto when america was first discovered.
i pushed myself up and looked around.this so was not my backyard!
"Ya'll right miss?"
"Yeah, i'm fine," i pushed myself into the crouching postition and stood up.
the boy that had spoken to me had loose, curley, shaggy, longish, dark brown hair and magneficent icy-bellflower blue eyes.he ws tannish from working out in the sun.he was wearing clothes like a pirate might wear.
"What are you wearing?"
"What doe you mean what am i wearing?you should ask yourslf that!!"
"Everybody wears these"
"No, boys wear jeans, where are you from the 1600's or something?"
"It's you who is out of place miss," i looked around. whoa he was right. they all wore long cotton dresses.
"Let me take you to the hospital,"
"No, really, i'm fine," I wiped my sweaty palms on my jeans.
"Well, I'ma takin' you anyway."
"i'm just going to go home now."
"Not till i tke you to the hospital!"
"That's not necessary,i only fell," i took a step backwards and turned and ran.
He ran after me and grabbed my shoulder.I jerked it free and kept running. he tackled me.
"I didnt want to have to do that!"
"Its not like i haven't been tackled or fallen before!its not gunna hurt me"
"Im taken you to the hospital!"ha dragged me up by my elbow amd then carried me back to the village like a baby.
"put me down!" i kept yelling and smaking him on the shoulder. but he ignored me.
once inside the building he dumped me on a was suprisingly soft.
"Docter,please look at her and make sure she's alright."'cause i saw her fall."
"Look im fine i don't need to be check!"I yelled.
"Okay,"said the doctor eyeing my clothes."But i want you to stay at Zachery's home until we know for certian that you are okay."
I grumbled but didn't object. i didnt want to be tackled agian.
Again,he carried me,but this time to what was apperently his house.
he sat me on the couch then sat beside me.
"So whats your name?"
"Zachery Brin"
"Im Elizabeth Patrick"
"Nice to met you, you can probably borrow one of my sisters dresses,and stay in her room,she's married now."he sai not looking at me.a man walked into the house and zachery stood.
"father." the man looked over."this is Elizabeth,the docter told me to ask if she might stay with us until we know for certian that she is alright."as if some sort of code was used the cunfusion left his face and was replaced with a grin.
"of course she can stay.
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