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Elizabeth relizes that she just might have feeling for Zachery.

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For the next 2 weeks i asked if i could leave every day. but he always said no.
then one day we were out playing in the fallen leaves.i was sitting in a big pile when i looked over at Zachery. i smiled and got o warm feeling inside when i thought of him.
i picked up a bunch of leaves and tossed them at him.then i picked up my dress and ran. he threw leaves at meand i stopped and turned to face him.once agian i got that warm fuzzy feeling.
i stuck my tongue out at him and turned and ran. i ran all the way to the houseand ran inside.
i looked at myself in the miror.
i had no thoughts of leaving any time soon now ,but i know i could not stay here forever, i would miss my family to much.
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