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Zachery and Elizabeth have a talk about their relationship.

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we were sitting in my room when i brought it up.
"Zachery,i can't stay here forever, i have a family out there looking for me right now, probably worried."
"I know,"
"Are you going to go with me when i leave?"
"No," I gasped. He hit the desk at my reaction."You know i can't. I don't think i could take it, the world you described to me is totally different than the one Iv'e known for sixteen years.I don't think i could handle it and my parents just would not allow it,"
"I understand" i gathered the ivory dress and stood.No, i didn't understand, if i had been in his position i would have gone. but thinking this lead me to think, then why wouldn't i stay? this was my answer, my family. i ran from the house to the woods where we first kissed. he followed me.
i felt my eyes fill over with tears and they spilled down my cheeks.
i sat on the old, dead, fallen log. felt empty nkowing i wouldn'y stay and he wouldn't go with me. i would more than likely never see him again.
he sat beside me. he gently lifted my chin up so that i was looking at him.
"Elizabeth,i may not be going with you but i willalways love you."
"we're young we don't even know what love is,but it;s breaking my heart, just thinking of leaving, but it hurts to think of staying to"
"I know," he kissed me again.
once again he jerked away from me when we heard someone come crashing through the woods.
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