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Going Home

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Elizabeth is forced to go home before she was ready to.

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I could not have been more surprised at who came throu8gh the woods or what he said.
it was Jake who came crashing through the woods.
he grabbed zachery by his hair and pulled him away from me.
"get your filthy hands off my girlfriend!"he threw him to the ground and grabbed me.
Zachery stood, and punched Jake. and i stood like the idiot that i am,staring in horror at the two fighting.
Jake pulled away and both were really bloody.
Jake grabbed me and hauled me in the direction from which he had come.
before i knew it he had taken me into my house.
"where have you been!?" he screamed,"everyone has been worried sick that you had been kiddnapped or worse!" he glared at me."and who was that guy? huh, you wanna explain?"
"none of this would have happened if you hadn't run off and left me by myself in the woods!"
"if you had stayed where i left you, you would have been fine, but you ran off!"
" i couldn't help it! it was getting dark and i was scared!"
"whatever, at least youre safe at home now."
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