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4 years later

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Elizabeth mets Zachery again, but there's a bit of a problem.

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the doorbell rang and i scrambled to get it. i had been starring at my engagment ring having second thoughts, thinking about Zachery.
i opened the door but stumbled back.
a tall boy stood in my doorway.he had broad shoulders,and the tan of a farmer. he had longish, loosly curly,dark brown hair, and magneficent bellflower-blue eyes.
"Elizabeth," he moved into the apartment and swept me into a hug. i pushed him away.
"what arer you doing here Zachery! did you think i'd stand still and wait for you ?" i shouted.
"No, I-"
"well your wrong!" i shoved my hand into his veiw."'cause you know what, i'm engaged to be married1"
"okay, i'm sorry, i'll leave now,"
he turned and left. i still stood by the door.
what had i just done? had Zachery really just come to find me?
Jake walked in and gave me a hug.
"you look bad are you okay?"
"yeah i'll be fine," i walked away from him, how could i stand near him? Just by seeing Zachery i felt has tough i had cheated on him.
"somethings up, whats going on?" i turned myself and looked at him.
Either from the way i looked or the way the word fell out of my mouth he could tell i was lying.
"its that boy isn't it?you've been thinking about him haven't you? you said that you were over him!i cant belive this!" i felt myself start to cry.
he sat down heavily." this boy has come between us evere since you met him!" i thought about telling him it was his fault that i had ever met Zachery but decided against it. but i did do something.
i walkd over to him, took his ring off and put it in his hands, then i left.
the closer i got to my moms house the harder my heart beat.
i climed out into the car and ran into the woods. i didnt stop running util i saw a clearing with a fallen rotten log.from there i found my way to the little village.
Everyone stared at me and for once i didn'y care.
i walked up to the house and knocked on the door.i had knocked so quitely i was afaid that no one had heard. but slowly the door opened.
"Yes?" Zachery had his head down so he couldn't see that it was me.
"Zachery?" his head snapped up.
"do you just want to laugh at the stupid boy some more?"
"No, i want to say that i'm sorry,i got mad, but i thought about it and if you are willing to give me anouther chance, i want to be with you," his eyes held an uncertian look.
"what about your engagement?"
" itold him no because i love you and whenever i thought about you it hurts,because i don't know if ill ever see you again."
"Fine, i guees i can give you another cchance." he said with a smile.
i smiled back, he lifted me up. then he kissed me,just like the first time, but with no care of who watched.
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