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I Wish You Away

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This story is dedicated to that creepy guy who used to wait for me beside my car after school. (Rewritten)

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Shivering against the cold wind Molly made her way through the busy parking lot, trying not to make eye contact as she passed students leaning against their cars, making plans with their friends. She didn't feel like socializing, she felt like going home and taking a long well deserved nap, but she knew that wouldn't happen any time soon. Not with Fishface, as she liked to call him due to his remarkable resemblance to a catfish, currently perched on his mountain bike beside her car. Waiting for her. He never left her alone. One day of being nice to him long ago had given him reason to believe that she actually enjoyed his company. Like Molly really wanted to hang around in a noisey parking lot, listening to Fishface wax eloquent about how he once pierced the webbing between his thumb and index finger with a safety pin because his ‘girlfriend’ liked things like that.

From far away she could see the stupid grin on his face already, a smile that stretched his duckbill of a mouth to horrendous proportions. Fishface waved before kicking off and giving his bicycle pebbles a few quick turns and glided up beside her.

"Hey, how's it goin’."

"It’s going nowhere," Molly answered and picked up her pace.

He rode away and made circles around her car, only stopping to stare at her as she opened the door.

"I was readin’ the paper this mornin’ and I saw that Hannibal Rising is playin’ at that old movie theater off the highway. Ya wanna go see it?"

Molly looked up from fiddling with her radio and took him in, his sorry excuse for a mustache, cheap windbreaker, and a ketchup stain on the knee of the pants that matched it. Molly sighed and turned the radio off.

"I'm tired."

"We don' have to go today."

"I'd rather not go at all."

She looked off into the distance as she replied. Molly hated to let him down and hated the sad look he gave her every time she did, but it had to be done, he had to learn…

"I guess I should better go home then."

His voice sounded strained as though he was holding back a sob and the chains of his mountain bike rattled a bit when he started to ride away. Molly watched him weave through a few cars and cross the street, shut her car door, pushed a CD into the radio and skipped a few of songs. Singing along, she drove home and prayed that he wouldn't be there the next day.

...Imaginary wedding gown
that you can't wear in front of me.
A kiss goodbye,
your twisted shell,
as rice grains and roses fall at your feet.
Let's say goodbye the hundredth time
and then tomorrow we'll do it again...

...Without a sound I wish you away...

This is based on a true story. Names were changed to protect the individuals involved.
The song is called "Drowning Lessons" and it belongs to My Chemical Romance.
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