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ch 2- would you like to help?, second meeting

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Ch 2

I had set a message to the band I like ( their name is My Chemical Romance as I found out) on myspace telling them I liked the show and couldn’t wait to attend another. I also told them that if they needed any help at shows or whatever that I would love to help. On August 8th I got the surprise of my life. I got a message back from them which I never expected

What’s happenin'? So, you could be in luck(if you still want to help out). Have you ever worked a merchandise table? It just so happens that we need 2 people for our booth at our show in this Saturday. If you have done this before or think that you could do a great job then let me know asap. If not, no worries. We'll still love ya!

thanks for the support. Oh, if you can do the job do you know any other good candidates?

Talk to you soon,

I was ecstatic. I’ve always wanted to work a merch booth. What made it even better was it was for a band I liked. I immediately messaged Ray back

Hey there,
I have never worked at a merch tent but have always wanted to. I think that I could do a really good job! just let me know the information( like where it is and what time I would have to be there) and I will do it in a heartbeat! this is such an awesome opportunity


they had a show on the 10th which was a Friday. I got a friend to come check them out with me. Ray was gonna fill me in on details there. My friend ran to the store while went ahead into the venue. I sat at a table and waited for her
“Katie?” a guy with a fro said
“yeah” I said
“im Ray. Its nice to meet you”
“you too”
“ you here alone?”
“No my friend should be getting back soon” I said. Ray filled me in on the details for tomorrows show before he had to go check on some things. My friend came back and we sat watching the other bands. When My Chemical Romance came on I started taking pictures of them. Mainly of Mikey and Frank. After the show was over it was almost 4 am. We were going to wait and say hi to the guys but we decided to head home.

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