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ch7- toxic fest

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Ch 7

sept 21st

tonight is a mini music festival. This bar/venue has 2 floors. We were set up on the bottom floor. There was 4 or so bands for each stage. I had a huge couch to sit on behind the booth. We got there at 9 but the guys didn’t perform till around midnight. Right before they went on Frank’s mom came behind the booth with me. She was beyond drunk. She started talking about going back to school to get her masters in nursing. Frank had told her that I was in nursing school. She said if I ever needed any help to call her . She then started talking about how her family dog just died and that frank was heartbroken over it. That would explain why frank seems so upset in his messages this past week. We usually message each other a few times a week. While they were on stage frank was telling the crowd that they have a merch booth in the back. He stand started talking to me and telling me to wave to everyone
“ this is our friend Katie. She has been helping us out selling stuff for us “ frank said. I tried to hide the blush that was finding its way to my face. After they performed each of them came back at some point . Mikey came back once and then I didn’t see him the rest of the night. Gerard kept forgetting the booth was on a step and he kept falling off of it. Him and frank were riding this thing called a freeboard. Its like a skateboard and snowboard mixed. It was pretty funny watching them especially Gerard. Frank kept riding past me and smiling. I started getting a fuzzy feeling in my stomach.
“ hey im gonna get going. I have to wake up early tomorrow” frank said coming up to me
“ ok, ill see you next show.” I said hugging him
“ we should hang sometime” he said
“yeah we should”
“message me or ill message you”
“ ok bye” I said. I hung out a bit more . Ray came and helped me break the booth down before I had to leave.
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