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ch 8- my 6th show

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Ch 8

October 7th

we had a weekend without a show. I didn’t know what to do with myself. Helping this band has been pretty much all I’ve done. It seemed like forever for the next show date to get here. I got to the venue around 7. Frank was outside talking to Mikey and Gerard’s parents when I walked up .
“hey” frank said
“what’s up? How are you”
“im good, how are you”
“ good good. Man I feel like I haven’t seen you in forever. Its been what 2 weeks”
“ yep. Seems like too long”
“ I know. Lets get you insde. The guys are getting set up. Booth is already up. I have to run to the van once I get you in” he said. He got me in before running to the van. As soon as I got in I saw Gerard. I said hi to him and gave him a hug before walking to the booth. Ray and Mikey were helping get the stage set up since they were the first ones to go on. We had a small ass table to put stuff on since the main touring bands had half the room taken up. The night was going slow. I wasn’t selling anything. I was watching people. Mainly watching the guys. Gerard ended up leaving early cause it was Sunday and everyone had to work in the morning. The guys all come t check on me every once in a while. Mikey came and was talking to me for a bit. The last band was close to finishing their performance. I started looking around again for the guys. My eyes landed on Mikey. He was making out with some girl. I knew she was drunk. She was at the bar every 5 min by me. He had a few beers that I saw. I couldn’t tell if he was sober or not. I felt my heart shatter into pieces. I had grown feelings for him over the past few weeks. He was so sweet and funny. He was everything I liked in a guy. I was stupid to think someone like him could like someone like me. I was nothing but a fat ass. No guy would want me the way I wanted them. As much as I wanted to look away form the sight I couldn’t. She stayed attached to him the rest of the night. He kept his arms around her. After the show ended Ray and I broke the booth down. Mikey came over and helped carry the merch boxes to the trailer. As we were outside some homeless dude came up and was talking to us. Ray left and went inside.
“ you heading out” Mikey asked once the homeless dude left
“ yeah im gonna said bye to the others first, give them hugs and whatnot” I said
“ I have to work at 6am and im not looking forward to it”
“ I purposely took my midterms so I wouldn’t have to go to class at 7. So I don’t have nothing till work at 2" I said as we walked inside. I couldn’t find where Ray went to I went to frank. He was talking to someone. I tapped him on the shoulder.
“ im heading out” I said
“ you’re leaving me” he said he said hugging me. We stayed in an embrace holding on to each others arms. I felt butterflies in my tummy.
“ yeah but ill see ya next show” I said
“ are you dressing up? You better be!” he said. Their next show is on Halloween
“ yeah I am but I don’t know what of yet” I said
“we’ll come up with something for us together” he said
“ok” I said hugging him once more I went to say bye to mikey. We was with that girl all close looking at pictures on a camera. I tapped his shoulder and waited a second either he didn’t feel it or he ignored me so I just left. I tried my hardest not to cry on the way home. I got to thinking about frank. The past couple shows he’s said things that could seem like he was coming on to me. Do I have feelings for him? Did he have them for me? Or is he just being a harmless flirt? Or am I just thinking way to much into this and hoping for something that doesn’t exist? I am so confused

what’s a girl to do??
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