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A New Beginning

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H leaves the past behind.

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The next day, Ratchet was standing outside the medical centre with First Aid and the rest of the Protectobots, shaking each and everyone's hand.

"Thank you for your hospitality," the Autobot medic said. "I hope you keep up with the good work."

First Aid chuckled a bit. "If there's anyone who should say thanks, it's us," he said. "You helped us fix a lot of mechs that seemed beyond repair."

"And who knows," another Protectobot said, "If the time comes when we won't be needed here any longer... we just might take up on your offer."

"I'll be glad if you do, Hot Spot," Ratchet answered truthfully. "I'd be honoured to work with you guys again."

It was then that Mallet approached, his new legs carrying his strong form surely.

There was no denying it: Ratchet had done a good job indeed.

"The transport is ready," the black mech said. "I've already programmed it to take you straight to Iacon."

"What about the recruits?" Ratchet asked.

"Already aboard and waiting," Mallet answered. He looked around, noticing that someone was missing. "So, where's your friend?"

"I'm right here," Prowl said at that moment, stepping out of the main entrance of the medical centre and followed closely behind by H. The tactician's step was slightly uncertain as his inner system was still adjusting to the new cog implanted on him. Nevertheless, he was smiling. And, what was more, H had accepted Prowl's suggestion to join the Autobots and he couldn't wait to go to Iacon.

H's excitement vanished momentarily when he saw the Protectobots though. It was clear that saying goodbye to the mechs that saved him would prove difficult.

That was probably why the Protectobots and Mallet decided to make things easier for the young one.

"Don't worry about it, kid," Mallet said. "I will be looking after them."

"Just go out there and live your life now that you have a second chance," First Aid said kindly. "Make the most out of it."

H nodded, showing in this way that he would do just that. He waved each of the Protectobots and Mallet goodbye, then followed Prowl and Ratchet to their means of transport. Several moments later, the shuttle had blasted off to its course towards the Autobot city. Prowl watched as H turned around to have one last look at the building that sheltered him all this time.

"You're going to miss them, aren"t you?" he asked.

H didn't bother hiding the truth. He nodded.

Prowl placed a comforting hand on one of H's shoulders.

"You'll probably see them again," he said in reassurance. "And then you'll get to show them your fixed back," he added with a smile.

H couldn't help it; he smiled as well. At the next moment though, there was a strange thoughtfulness reflected in the young one's optics that Prowl didn't know what to make of it. It was as though H was carefully contemplating something; but Prowl couldn't even guess what could that something be.

He could only hope it didn't mean that H was having second thoughts about his decision.

Fortunately, Prowl got his answer soon enough. H extended a hand at his direction and then said in a hoarse yet clear voice:

"I'm Bluestreak."

Prowl stared at the silver and black mech for a moment in mild, but very visible surprise; for he didn't expect the young mech to speak so soon.

Then again, Prowl understood. Now that H - no, Bluestreak - was setting off to a new life, he wanted to give it a proper start. So, Prowl took the offered hand and shook it slightly.

"I'm Prowl. Welcome to the Autobots," he said.

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