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Jasmine and Brendon Star in

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Jasmine and Brendon go on their first date and Jon Walker now comes into the picture...

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A/N: cheesy title. Hopefully good chappie tho. This is especially for a friend whom I’ve known since 4th grade. It’s been FOREVER since I’ve updated due to the craziness of life. But I finally found time in my hectic schedule to do this so I pray that it turns out to be worth my time. And Lor, your advice is great but I’m still trying 2 get the hang of the whole writing thing so it might take a while before I put it to use, but just know I appreciate it mucho (and that probably doesn’t make sense but I’m sure you know what I mean)!

Brendon’s POV

I picked up Jasmine from her house about 30 minutes ago. We’ve been talking about random stuff ever since. Now, we’re in line to buy movie tickets. We’ll most likely be seeing Transformers (A/N: I know Transformers isn’t playing anymore but I started writing this chapter when it was so DEAL!)

“Anyway, let’s talk about that smile...” she said to me with a witty look on her face.
I decided to question her about it.

“What smile?”…I think I know what she’s talking about…

“Oh, just that smile you had when you picked me up.” I knew it. I felt my blood rush to my cheeks.

“It’s just that…it’s hard for me to ask girls out. But asking you out felt like the easiest thing I’ve ever done. And when I talk to you, I don’t mess up like I usually do, you know.”

“Aww, that was a cute little speech.” She pinched my cheeks.

“But before I get my hopes up, are you only on this date because you feel sorry for me?”

“Hmm well…”

“What?! Then this whole thing-- ”

“Chillax! I was kidding! I think going on pity dates is worse than turning guys down. I’m here cuz I wanna be here, Brenny Bear.”

“Oh. Heh! You totally had me there…Brenny Bear? No one’s called me that since I don’t know elementary.”

“Well then, I’m breaking the record.” Then she stuck her tongue out at me.

“I was hoping that that record would go in ‘til I die, but I’ll let it go, just for you.”

“Haha! Anyway, I think Shia Lebeouf is cute.”

“Hey, you’re on a date with me! If you think he’s cute we’ll pick another movie. I don’t want you going ga-ga over someone else on a date with me.” Hehe…

“No, no! I can control my feelings for him and focus on you.” She said as she tapped my nose with her finger.

“Right, you better. I’m not paying for these tickets so you could see him.” Then in a couple of seconds we made it to the ticket booth.

“Two adult tickets for Transformers, please.” I said the she came out with one of her mocking remarks. “Are you sure you don’t want a child’s ticket?”

“Shut up!” She punched me softly on the side on our way to the snack counters from the ticket booth. And that’s where we spotted her brother making out with some girl…

Jasmine’s POV

“Jon, you’re supposed to be with Alex!” (my younger brother)

“Hello to you, too”

“Whatever. Remember I told you about my friends’ band, Panic! at the Disco? Well, this is their lead singer, Brendon Urie.”

“Jon Walker. And this is…” my lame brother pointed to the girl next to him. “Amanda Springs.”

Please, don’t let her be a slut. I’ve definitely have had problems with Jon’s girlfriends before…

A/N: That’s all I got for now. Hope you liked. Remember, reviews would definitely help. Sorry it’s kinda short, but I’m racing with time and time’s winning. Until next time, and hopefully it won’t be months from now, peace!
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