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A First for Everything

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The rest of Holly's somewhat good day.

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Holly's POV

3 more classes, then lunch! Yay!!! 1 class.........2 class......3 class...LUNCH!


eww...lunch sucks. I'm having a burger. Whatever.

"Hey, Holly! Saved you a seat!" aww, that was sweet. (you're probably thnkin o big deal he saved her a seat, but let's just say, from the looks of this cafeteria, it would've taken FOREVER for me to find a seat by myself!) "Thanks, Ry! Oh, and by the way, is it ok if Jasmine sits with us?" He'd better know what could happen if he says no...

"Yeah, sure! She's my friend, too, and it's only fair since my friends are gonna be with us." Heh, smart boy. "Cool!" I said in response. So far, Ryan's a sweet guy. But, I gotta know a little more about him. I pondered in my thoughts, stirring my so-called applesauce. Then I was awakened by the sound of Jasmine's purse land on the table.

"So, yeah, since we didn't finish our last convo, Jon's gotten better! I personally think he plays so well, he should be in a band. That way he's not always at home annoying the shit outta me when he plays bass in his room." she tried to complete our last conversation, obviously.

Just then, Ryan nearly choked on his food. "You know a bassist?!" He asked Jasmine (and practically yelled at her). "...yeah. My brother, Jon." Ryan's eyes brightened up as Jasmine's face showed a touch of dismay...

Jasmine's POV

Ummm, Ry's scarin me. He's known me since we started high school. And now all this sudden interest in my brother? Well, it is true that I never really told him about Jon being a bassist; maybe thats why he finds it so interesting.

"Listen, Jazzy-"

"Do not call me Jazzy! Whenever you call me Jazzy, I sense that you need something, desperately need something!" I cut him off because of what he called me. The last time he called me Jazzy...


-Jasmine's phine rings-


"Hey, Jazzy. What's up?"

"...nothing. U?"

"Well, it's complicated, so I'll start from-"

(she cut him off; she tends to do that) "Ryan, what's goin on? You're scaring me..."

"Don't worry. Um, I just need your help."

"Uh-oh. What?"

"Can you please pick me up?"

"YOU want ME to pick you up? Heh! Where?"

"Ummm...hehe don't yell at me. It was one of those stupid teen mistakes."

"Ryan, where?!"


"Henderson? Henderson? Ryan Henderson?!"

"yea. Sorry Jazzy but you were the only person I could call. I can't call my dad cuz, well, you know! And Spencer and Brendon went to the lake for the weekend and..."

"I don't even wanna know why you're in Henderson, but I WILL pick you up. Man, you owe me, Ross!"

"Thank you, Jazzy Wazzy!"

"Yeah, whatever..."

end of flashback

Boy, did he ruin my weekend! Then I realized he started talking to me again."

"Well, I guess you have sixth sense, cuz I do need somethin, desperately." Oh no! NO! "Ryan, not the puppy face!..." I pleaded him to stop, but since it occured to him that it was working, he decided to continue. "Ahh! Fine!" I sighed..."what do you need Ryro?"

He smiled and began to tell me what it was that he longer for."As I was saying, Jazzy, our band is desperate for a bassist." Oooo. I see. "What about that Brent guy?" I asked out of curiousity, even tho I was the one that said..."What happened to 'curiousity killed the cat?'" I fake-smiled as he continued to mock my past words. "Hehe, just kidding. Please, don't ask, bout Brent." Ehh that was a good enough answer for me. "Ok, I'll talk to him."

Then Brendon and Spencer sat at the table to join us.

"Talk to who?"

"My brother. He's a bassist, so I'll talk to him for you guys."

"Cool! Thanks!" Spencer said. "Oh hi. I dont think we've met. I'm Spencer Smith." I wonder who he's talkin to.

"Holly Palmer." Of course! duh! I guess I'm just sorta used to her being around so much, since we were best friends in middle school.

Brendon's POV

Wow. Jasmine's really sweet. She's pretty, smart, funny,...BRENDON BOYD URIE GET A HOLD OF YOURSELF! She doesn't like you! ....or she might. I don't know. I'll just talk to Holly while I decide what to do.

"So, Holly, how's your day been?" I asked this question as I bit into my burger. Ehh, not too bad.

"Scary. I've gotten yelled at a lot!" she replied.

"Yeah,welcome to the club! Teachers here are so hot-tempered, anything gets them mad. Ask Brendon.

What?! "Why me?!" Ryan described to answer me."Brendon, you're so close to becoming the sudent voted most hated by teachers. Why wouldn't we use you as an example?"

"Ok. Fine." I overheard Ryan secretly telling Holly something: "Remember when I told you that the main office is the second home of a buddy of mine? Brendon's that buddy."

Ryan's POV

We're gonna get a bassist! We're gonna get a bassist! I continued to sing the words in my head. It was siltent so Jasmine decided to break it by asking me a question.

"So, Ryan, how are your lyrics going?"

"Great! So far, so good!"

"That's great."

Brendon's POV

Brendon, you've gotta do something. Just spit it out! You like Jasmine! No, I don't! Oh, admit, Brendon Boyd Urie, you so! AHHH! Arguing with myself won't solve anything!

"Jasmine, wanna go out?" Oh shit! Did I stutter? no. Did I jumble the words? No. Weird. I'm more relaxed with her. I guess this could work.

"Umm, yeah. Sure. How's tomorrow at 7?"

It was weird yet strangely right. I didn't get nervous around her. She said yes without a thought. Somethng's telling me to keep on going.

"Awesome!" Atho this moment felt exteremly right between Jazz and I, the others gave us strange looks. Why, I wonder.

Spencer's POV


Ryan's POV

That was very out-of-the-blue...

Holly's POV

You know what they say: Expect the unexpected.

Jasmine's POV

Ok. Everyone's lookin at me weirdly. I mean, I know it was random, but....I got nothin. It was terribly random. Noone spoke for the rest of our lunch break. And when lunch was over, we all headed for class.

Holly's POV

The second half of my day rocked! Definitely better than the first! I had little talks with Ryan and Jasmine here and there...oh and I learned some stuff.


When I got home, I saw my mom in the kitchen attempting to cook something. But I don't know what, exactly.

Mrs. Palmer's POV

One day, I will make the BEST triple fudge brownies in the world! Then I noticed Holly giving me a "Oh-no-my-mom's-trying-to-be-the-best-chef-in-the-world-again" look. So I asked her about her day.

"hey, hon! How's your day?"


"Any new buds?"

"Actually, Jasmine Walker goes there. And I met a bunch of guys. They're my friends, too."

"I told you you'd have no problem."

Holly's POV

Well, I guess my mom was right. Everything will be okay...right?

A/N: Hope u like! Remember this is my first fan fic so tell me what you think. Please review.

- patdfan0702
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