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Here It Goes...

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First day of school across the country...who knows what'll happen? Meet future rock stars maybe?

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Holly's POV

Ok she won.

"Bye, Mom!" I said as happily as i could. Fortunately, she let my mini-breakdown go.

"Relax, you'll be fine!" How would she know? "Ok, but if i have to face humiliation in ANY way, I blame you!" She rolled her eyes at my response, and drove off. Now, I'll just tale a look at my schedule and map, and see where to go...and I'm lost and confused, as usual. I need to ask someone.

"Excuse me, can you please tell me where the main office is?" I asked as sweetly as I could, despise the fact that I'm even here. "Um, can you tell me you're about to walk away? The last thing I need is a newbie hanging around me." Quick! Think of a comeback! "Oh, I'm sorry! Wish I could finish this lovely conversation, but I have other jackasses like you to tend to." Ok, that wasn't too bad.

Moving on...

"Hi. I'm Holly Palmer. I'm new here and lost. Can you please help me find the main office?" This girl looks like she's in a rush...

"Oh, hi! My name is Charlotte Adams. Um, call me Charlie. And I'd LOVE to help you, but I'm extremely late for a student council meeting." "O ok. I guess I'll see you later." She power-walked away. Well that didnt help much...p=oooo, I spy a cutie! How about I ask him?

"Hey, I-Im Holly...ehh..." Palmer, stupid! Your name is Holly Palmer! "palmer. Heh, my name is Holly Palmer. I'm a little lost, and I was hoping that you'd help me find the main office." He smiled a little.

"Ryan Ross. Cool meeting you. And the main office is down the hall, make a left, third door to your right."

Ryan's POV

She's cute. I should probably get to know her...

"But I have some sort of feeling in my gut telling me that you'll get lost, so I'll walk you there." "Thanks." "No problem. Hey, can I see your schedule for a sec?" She then handed it to me.

I looked ad it and read. "Looks like we have a few classes together. Cool" she nodded in agreement. "Well, here we are. Main office. And not to mention, second home of a buddy I have." I smiled.

"Thanks, Ry. If I may call you Ry?" "Oh, sure, Holl." Hehe. If she's gonna call me Ry, I have to have a nickname for her. She giggled a little.

"Now we're even." She walked into the main office and I was on my way. She seemed nice. Not too sure if she likes me, but I have a teeny feeling that she sorta does. Anyway, I have to find a bassist for our band. Since we lost Brent and all....

"Ryan Ross. Looks like yiu've found a new girl." my thoughts were interrupted by my best friend Spencer Smith. "Hey, come on. It's about time for me to move on after that ugly break-up with....what's her face..." Has it been that long since the break-up? I've already forgotten her name? "Brooke. Her name was Brooke." "Yeah, Brooke. She was nice, for a while. Until I got to know her. The real bitchy, self-centered, slutty her." I could tell my specific description of my ex scared Spencer a little because he immediately changed the subject. "Yea...anyway, how's it goin at home? You know, with your dad?" I then remembered my dad. The thought of my alcoholic dad frightened me, and I sighed. "Dad, good ol' Dad. He's alright. Not as bad as last year. So uhh practice at your granny's after school?" "Yup. So I guess I'll cath ya later?" "Yea."

Holly's POV

Ok. Homeroom. Not too bad. It's him!

"Hey, Hollister! Long time, no see. And how were your 10 minutes without me?" he asked me coolly. "Oh, just peachy. I mean, I may have gotten scooped by some loser, but I'm ok!"

"Heh, ok, then." I noticed a guy standing behind Ryan watching us, out of curiousity, I guess. He looked hot, as well. "Uhh..." I slightly pointed at him. Ryan, noticing my gesture, looked back to see what had caused it.

"Oh, hey, Brendon! What's up?" Who is this guy? Well, Brendon, of course, but WHO is he? "Well, Olivia and I broke up. She was really starting to get on my nerves anyway. Like everytime I tried talking to some other girl, like Jasmine, she'd start a fight, either with me or the other girl." I wonder who Jasmine is. But I guess it'd be too rude to ask. Now, Brendon was looking at me, and continued with Ryan. "But, obviously, you have no problem with the ladies." "Huh? Oh, Brendon, this is Holly Palmer. Holly, Brendon Urie."

"Hey. Nice to meet you." "You, too." Then he started to speak again. "Well, I guess I'll leave you two alone."

Brendon's POV

I turned around and started to walk away. But I bumped into someone, a girl to be specific. I usually got tongue-tied around some girls.

"Sorry, uhh, Urie Brendon!" Shit. I lost. Again. "Right..." she walked away. I felt myself blush as she walked past me as if I wasn't there. Apparently, Spencer had a front row seat to the 'show'. And, of course, he laughed.

"Brendon Urie, during the beginning of the school year, got dissed by Emmy Rivers." He said this as if he were announcing some report on a local news station. I sighed at his remark. "What else is new?" I asked in self-pity. "Ehh, nothin much. Haha!" he answered like the smart ass that he is. I gave him a fake smile. Motive of the fay: KICK SPENCER'S ASS!!!

Holly's POV

I'm talking to Ryan at the moment, waithing for homeroom to start. Then, this girl walked over to me, waving her hand.

"Oh my god! Holly?" ummm, I'm not too sure if I know this girl. "Yea?" "It's me silly! Jasmine Walker, remember?" Jasmine Walker...Jasmine Wa..."AHH! Jasmine!" I shreiked a bit, causing Ryan to jump. "Come here, give me a hug, you!"

"Oh my god! It's been years! I soo forgot you moved here!" I was happy to know that I knew someone here. "You two know each other?" Ryan asked. "Yes, Ryro! Got a problem?" Jasmine answered his question for me. He answered "Nope. Just curious." "Curiousity killed the cat." "Last time I checked, I'm not a cat." Jasmine faked a laugh.

"Holly, I'll see you at lunch." Ryan told me before he walked over to Spencer and Brendon.

"So? Ryan Ross, huh?" Cute." My dearest friend and I started to discuss my situation with Ryan.

"You think?"

"He could be a dork sometimes, but he's a catch, I guess."

"Alright. So how's Jon?"

"My brother? He's gotten A LOT better at bass."


Then homeroom began.


A/N: sorry for the short chap (at least I think it's short). I'll update again later. Please review!

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