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Goodbye, Florida! Hola, Nevada! (chap 1)

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hmm...summaries. Not too good @ them but I'll try. this is my 1st fanfiction so please tell me what u think. this is a story about a girl who moves away from her sucky life in Forida 2 a new life i...

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Holly's POV

I'm moving, finally! I hate my life her in Florida. I mean sure it's a great place to live, but everything was falling apart. My best friend hoooked up with my boyfriend behind my back...then obviously we broke up, and i never spoke to them again. My parents also got a divorce. So it's just my mom and I. But the best part is that we're movin very far away: Las Vegas, Nevada! Sin City's what they call it, I call it my doorway to sanity.


We boarded the plane and took off. Damn, I'm tired. I'm goin 2 sleep.

Mrs. Palmer: Holl we're here.

I woke up to my mom's somewhat sweet voice. The plane landed and we excitedly walked toward the luggage carousel. We found our luggage alright. This rude guy accidentally took my common-looking suitcase. I was definitely a struggle tryin 2 get it back.We were extremely close 2 callin security, but then the guy finally found enough sense 2 check the name tag. Then we left the airport and drove 2 our new home.

we stopped in front of a house that was 3 stories with a fountain and beautiful garden outside.

"Oh my God, mom, this is gorgeous!" My mom looked at the house i was lookin at.

"I know! It's lovely isnt it?" I cant believe this is it!

we walked out of the car and each grabbed 1 suitcase; we'd have 2 come back for the rest. I started to walk toward the amazing house as i watched my mom walk past it.

"mom, where are you goin?" i asked curiously

"Ummm, our new home?" I stared her with a terribly confused face.

"You mean, this isn't it?"

"Are you kidding? Of course not! It'll take me ages to pay for a house like that!" I was hurt, but dumfounded. I should've figured that we couldn't afford that house, especially when it's just my mom and I. O well.

I continued to walk over to the other house with my mom. Sure, it wasn't a high-class, soon-be-shown-on-MTV kind of house, but it was perfect for mom and I. It was 2 stories, had 2 bathrooms, and 2 bedrooms. 3.

"Holly, it's 1:30(pm). Lets start packing."


as i was finidhing unpacking the last box, my mom told me something that i wish i didnt have to hear...

"Oh, by the way, school starts the day after tomorrow."
Day after tomorrow! no! thats too soon!

"Mom, what if noone likes me?" Ok I admit it. I sounded like a little immature dweeb goin to public school for the first time in her life. But I've always had a public school education and I usually never worried about what people think. But I guess being in a new surrounding made me wonder if I'd fit in.

"Don't worry. You'll be fine." she says...

next day

since i was so paranoid about school, my mom decided to take me out for a lil shoppin. You know, just to calm me down. And it worked. I was still paranoid but didnt wanna tell her. She's done enough. Thankx mom!

1st day of school


"mom, must i go? Do u know how much money we'll saved if I'm home- schooled?" She raised an eyebrow.

"Holly, u dont pay to go to public school."

"so? U have to pay for gas and clothes and lunch!"


ok...she won.

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