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Chapter Ten.

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Eep! Three way tie! Who gets the choice?!

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Oh no, guys, it's a three way tie. That's hard, I don't want to ask for a tie breaker because then I won't get to update for a while. I'm going on a trip for class, so I won't be back for a while. But, I'm sure you don't care much.
Here ya go. :]
Please enjoy.

Frank's scream echoed throughout the house. It almost seemed like it didn't end. Ray and Mikey were trying to get down the stairs, but were getting nowhere.

Finally the pitch blackness disappeared. Ray and Mikey could finally see. They raced down the stairs, only to see a sight they didn't want to.

Frank was lying on the ground looking like he just went through a bomb blast from a war. Mikey and Ray were instantly at Frank's side.

Frank was unconscious. His shirt and jeans were torn from the claws of the lion. He was bleeding from many wounds, his flesh was ripped. His leg was bent funny under his body, it looked broken and you could see a little bit of bone poking out of the skin. What was the worst was his arm. His left arm had been ripped clean out of the socket. By some unknown force, he was still breathing.

"Ohmygodohmygodohmygod what are we going to do?!" Mikey was freaking out. "Jesus fucking christ I don't know!!" Ray was freaking out as well. Frank's breathing was getting shallower by the second. There was a second scream from above.

Mikey and Ray looked at each other, "Bob."

Ray told Mikey to stay with Frank so he could go grab Bob so they could get the hell out of here. Mikey was still freaking out, but agreed.

Ray decided now was not the time to freak out over every little thing. He raced up the steps and looked through the rooms. Finally he found the distressed drummer hiding in the corner with his eyes shut tight. "Bob! Bob! Get up! Let's go hurry! Please!"

Bob screamed and hugged his knees tighter. "BOB! SNAP OUT OF IT! EVERYONE'S DYING!" Bob whimpered. Ray went over to him and pulled him to his feet. He made himself stay strong for the rest of the band. "Come on Bob, let's go." Bob finally snapped out of it, "The lion! It'll come back! I don't want it to hurt me!"

The funny thing was that Bob didn't have a scratch on him. Not one single mark, and here he was freaking out.

"Alright, come on, please." Ray and Bob hurried back downstairs. Mikey was still by Frank's body. "Hurry! We need to get out of here!" Mikey was still freaked. Bob and Ray ran to the door, bashing it down. Cool air met them, the night was still and silent.

Mikey stood up as Bob picked up Frank. "God he's in bad shape." They walked outside. "Wait! Where's Gerard?!", Ray looked around. "He was here! I swear, he was!" Mikey looked around the front porch.

"We don't have enough time to look, Frank could die at any second," Bob stated. Ray bit his lip. "I am not leaving my brother," Mikey replied.

"We can split up?" Ray suggested. "We have to get Frank to the hospital, like now," Bob said. "Uhhhhh," Mikey was thinking.

Eep, now what? You decide!! :]

A- Split up, find Gerard!
B- Leave Gerard behind, help Frankie!
C- Have someone take Frankie to the hospital and someone else find Gerard! Now!!
E- Jimmy the goldfish needs to meet me.
F- The poodle is cooler. :P

Yeesh, well it's up to you! :]
Hope you're enjoying this. :D
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