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Episode Eight: Sex Changes

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Emo Boy and Scene Girl's adventures into their new, reversed world.

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Okay, just a quick note that is absolutely cucial to the story. From this point forwards, Emo Boy will still be referred to as Emo Boy, and as 'he'. Scene Girl will still be referred to as 'she'. It is up to you to keep it all straight in your head. Believe me, this is the LEAST confusing way.

A few days later, Emo Boy was curled into a fetal position in the corner of his room, muttering about everything being 'too pink.' Even though he was sitting in his all-black room, he was still wearing Scene Girl's body, and thus her clothes.

"What's too pink?" Scene Girl asked, popping into the doorway of Emo Boy's room. A towel was draped over her head, and she wasn't wearing a shirt. She had quickly gotten used to being a boy, although all of Emo Boy's black stuff was depressing her.

"All of your stuff is so... bright. The colors are killing me." Emo Boy muttered into his arm.

"So? Wear your clothes." Scene Girl suggested, as though it was the simplest thing in the world. She continued toweling her hair dry.

"My clothes don't fit anymore. Besides, even your underwear is colorful." Emo Boy twitched.

"So? Yours is all black. You don't see me complaining." Scene girl flipped her head over to get the last of the towelable water out of it, and took the towel off. The telltale scent of hair dye rolled off of her head in waves. She had dyed Emo Boy's hair bright, shocking pink. The change from the black that normally framed Emo Boy's body's face to the bright pink was so shocking that Emo Boy sat gaping at Scene Girl for a moment, before he managed to speak.

"What did you do to my HAIR?!?" He finally managed to say. His jaw was almost lying on the floor.

Scene Girl fluffed it out with her fingers. "You don't like it?" She asked.

"It's PINK!"

"I told you to stop touching my chest. You didn't listen." Scene Girl said nonchalantly. She leaned over Emo Boy's dresser to apply a thick layer of eyeliner, using his mirror.

"Is THAT what this is about? Me touching your chest?" Emo Boy asked Scene Girl, who nodded. "Like this?" he asked, an evil grin on his face. He reached up, and grabbed one of Scene Girl's body's boobs.

"Stop that!" Scene Girl snapped.

"No way. I'll stop just long enough to take a shower, though." Emo Boy said, standing up, and heading over to his bed.

"Don't stare at my body while you're in there. Pervert." Scene Girl scolded him.

"Now, that I can't promise." Emo Boy said with a wink. "Go play with yourself, or something." Emo Boy grabbed something off of his bed, and headed towards the bathroom.

Scene Girl glared after him, before throwing on one of his plain black t-shirts and flying to the nearest Hot Topic.

"I need something REALLY colorful." She said to the nearest sales guy.

He gave her an odd look. "We just got in a shipment of new Jeffree Star shirts. Is this a present for your girlfriend, or something?" The sales guy asked.

Scene Girl laughed at him. "Fuck no. It's for me."

"Alright..." the sales guy said, brushing off the weirdness of it all, and leading Scene Girl over to the display of bright pink and blue tee shirts.

"Sweet!" Scene Girl exclaimed, and picked out a few shirts, before going to check out.

An hour later when she got home, Scene Girl was wearing one of her new, bright shirts that would be a little too big for her normal body, but were a little small while she was in Emo Boy's body. She was also wearing a large pair of sunglasses, and sipping a Vanilla Frappachino from Starbucks.

"Emo-ey! I'm home!" Scene Girl shouted as she walked in the door. She wrinkled her nose as she caught a whiff of hair dye. "Still smells bad... icky..." she muttered as she headed towards her room to drop off her purchases, only to run smack into Emo Boy, wearing black lingerie, and jet-black, freshly dyed hair. She gaped at him for a minute, before squeaking unintelligibly.

"You... you... my body... my HAIR!" Once she finished, no more intelligible words came out.

"Do you like it?" Emo Boy asked her, but ignored her when she shook her head. "I figured that you needed a new look. I think it looks rather nice on you." He stepped back, revealing that he was also wearing black stilettos. "Apparently you decided the same for me... Too bad it's not staying that way." Scene Girl glared at him, and stormed into her room.

Ten minutes later, Emo Boy knocked on the door.

"Scene Girl, come on. We have a mission to do, we need to save a kitten in a tree." Contrary to popular belief, Emo Boy and Scene Girl saved more than famous rock stars. They did positive things for the community, as well.

Scene Girl opened the door to her room, busy tying on her Hello Kitty towel slash cape slash thing. She had changed out of Emo Boy's pants, and was now wearing a pair of her own. They were much tighter, and it was obvious that she had decided to go commando, instead of having horrific amounts of VPL. Her hipbones (really Emo Boy's) were clearly visible above the top of her pants and through the thin shirt she was wearing.

Emo Boy shrugged, and fastened his black cape around his neck, trying not to mind the cool breeze that blew over almost his entire body. He followed Scene Girl out the window, like always, and to where a small kitten was meowing pitifully in a tree.

"Awww... poor thing..." Scene Girl said, looking up at the tiny cat.

"I'll get it..." Emo Boy volunteered glumly. He attempted to get up the tree, but his stilettos and lack of clothing made it impossible to climb the tree.

"No, you won't. See, underwear are hard to actually do stuff in. Pervert." Scene Girl stuck her tongue out at Emo Boy, and attempted to climb the tree herself, failing miserably as she discovered that wearing tight jeans as a boy is not a good idea, and that too-small shirts are extremely uncomfortable.

"See? Not so easy being a boy, is it?" Emo Boy asked, holding out a hand to help his friend up.

"I suppose not. Have you discovered that it's not easy being a girl?" Scene Girl asked him as she pulled herself up.

At that moment, the kitten fell, mewing, into Scene Girl's arms. It was wearing a collar that had a tag that said only 'Wonder Kitty' on it and a little black and blue polka dotted cape.

"I think that this should be our new sidekick!" Scene Girl cried, cuddling the kitten to her cheek.

"I suppose... IF we can't find its home." Emo Boy said reluctantly. He grinned, and chuckled. "By the way, being a girl is really easy." He put his hands on his chest.

Scene Girl rolled her eyes. "Wait till it turns that time of the month." She said, and took off into the air, cuddling young Wonder Kitty.

"Wait... what?" Emo Boy called after her. "Scene Girl! Wait!" He cried, before taking off after her at top speed.
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