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Episode Nine: Gabe's Perfectly Purple Hoodie

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Gabe needs some counseling because of a Hoodie that holds quite a bit of resemblance to an item from the Harry Potter books...

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"Scene Girl!" Emo Boy called from his bedroom. "Scene Girl, I know that one of your powers is getting guys' pants off, but does that mean that you can't get yours ON?" He called through the apartment. Scene Girl appeared in the doorway, toweling her hair dry. It was once again morning in their apartment, and they had an important assignment today.

Scene Girl laughed at him. "Oh, you'll see in about three days... in the meantime, wear these," she said. She tossed a different pair of pants at him from the drawer. Emo Boy pulled off the offending pants, and pulled on the ones Scene Girl had tossed at him.

"So, what're we doing today?" Emo Boy asked.

"We are meeting Gabe Saporta, and helping him find a new purple hoodie. Apparently, they're really hard to find, if you want the right shade..."

"Wait... Gabe lost his hoodie?" Emo Boy asked. He had heard waaaay too much about Gabe Saporta's hoodie to not know what a big deal this would be.

Scene Girl shook her head. "No, it just mysteriously died. Gabe called the Hotline about half an hour ago, and he was really upset. I promised that we would buy him ice cream, and help him find a new hoodie."

"Oh. Well, let's get going, then." Emo Boy said, pulling on a pair of Scene Girl's combat boots.

"Of course!" Scene Girl hopped out the window of Emo Boy's bedroom, and quickly flew to the mall, with Emo Boy trailing behind her, so that she couldn't see what he was doing with her body on the way there.

Scene Girl landed in the food court; and scanned the surrounding area for Gabe's dark head, and quickly spotted him. He was sitting next to a potter palm tree with his head in his hands, and an extremely ratty old hoodie on.

"Awwww... Are you okay, Gabe?" Scene Girl asked, hugging him.

Gabe shook his head. "I want my hoodie back to the way it was. This one has too many holes." And indeed, there were too many holes. In fact, it was more hole than hoodie.

"It's okay, Gabe... we'll find you a new one! And anyways, maybe it was just your hoodie's time to go." Scene Girl said. At this, Gabe Saporta, the lead singer of Cobra Starship, burst into tears.

"I... I don't WANT a new... h-h-hoodie! I want my old one ba-aaaaaaack!" Gabe cried, grabbing Scene Girl around the middle, and crying into her shoulder.

"Shhhhh... We'll find a new one, you'll see!" Scene Girl said, rocking gently back and forth while rubbing Gabe's back.

"Just so you know, you look really, really gay right now." Emo Boy piped in.

"Oh, just because I have your body now means that I'm a guy? No fucking way, dude. No fucking way. I like being a girl, and we are soooo finding a way to turn back." Scene Girl snapped at Emo Boy while cradling Gabe.

Emo Boy put his hands up in defense. "Hey! Hey! No need to get snappy, I'm just making observations."

Gabe looked up at Emo Boy top see where all of the noise was coming from. "Ooh... pretty...." he said.

"Dude... no offense, but I don't swing that way." Emo Boy said.

"And you just sounded like a lesbian." Scene Girl taunted Emo Boy, who rolled his eyes.

"Whatever. Are we getting ice cream? Or are we just going to stay here and sing 'Guy Love' from Scrubs?" he asked the two cuddling guys.

"Yay! Ice Cream!" Gabe shouted, shooting straight to his feet.


"Now, where did you buy your original hoodie?" Scene Girl asked Gabe as she licked some rainbow sprinkles off of her soft-serve strawberry ice cream cone.

"Uhm... A little shop in Chicago? I really don't know, but it was about three years ago, and the shop was going out of business. So there's no way in hell we'll find it here in California." Gabe mumbled around a mouthful of his Pistachio ice cream.

"Maybe I should..." Emo Boy hinted at Scene Girl. He had taken about half of his ice cream so far, and was going in for more.

"No, Emo Boy. It's too risky. Besides, it would have to be me, because I've currently got your body and your powers."

"Yeah, but Scene Girl... we could get this over with so easily!" Emo Boy argued.

"But then we have to walk really, really, REALLY fast! And I don't wanna!" Scene Girl protested, but with met with such a glare from Emo Boy that she shut the hell up.

"Do it." He growled. "Do it, or else I'm telling Gabe what picture is your computer background."

Scene Girl paled visibly. "You wouldn't."

"Wanna bet?"

"Agh! You are so MEAN!" Scene Girl licked off some more sprinkles, and handed her cone to Emo Boy to hold. "I'll do it... just don't drop my ice cream."

Emo Boy grinned and watched as Scene Girl went as still as a statue for several minutes.
Gabe started to get impatient, and waved a hand in front of the completely still Scene Girl's face. She didn't show any sign of responding, and Emo Boy allowed himself a little chuckle at Gabe's boredom.
"It's no use!" Scene Girl protested as she suddenly started moving again.

"How far did you check?" Emo Boy asked her.

"Continental United States. I can't find a brand new purple hoodie anywhere!" Scene Girl sighed.

"You mean... there's no purple hoodie out there for me?" Gabe asked. He looked like a little lost puppy for a moment as tears threatened to spill out his eyes and down his face.

"We'll find one Gabe, I promise!" Scene Girl sighed. She knew that that was pretty much an impossibility, because she had just used Emo Boy' power of finding things to try to find a new hoodie for Gabe. But it couldn't hurt to try, could it?

Almost two hours later, Emo Boy was starting to get really sick of the people in the mall staring at him, just because he was wearing a cape.

"Okay, this is the third time we've been through here. There's no purple hoodies!" Emo Boy said. He was walking backwards so that he could talk to Scene Girl and Gabe. Scene Girl had been hanging on every word out of Gabe's mouth, and the attention from anyone had started to perk Gabe up significantly.

"Like that one?" Scene Girl asked. She stopped in the middle of the mall, grinning from ear to ear as she pointed to a hoodie that was the perfect shade of purple that was hanging in the window of a store called Herkimer's.

"It's the same store I bought my first hoodie in!" Gabe marveled as he walked up to the storefront, and pressed his nose to the glass.

"Awesome! Let's go find you a new one!" Scene Girl moshed where she stood. The idea of a new hoodie for Gabe had brightened her day to the extreme.

Scene Girl and Gabe Saporta linked arms, and skipped into Herkimer's Hoodies together. The store was deserted, so Gabe rang the bell on the counter so that someone would come help them. There were only about ten hoodies on display, and a long counter blocked the majority of the small shop from customers.

"Gabe Saporta, size medium Perfectly Purple zip-up hoodie." A mysterious lady said, as she walked out of the back room and saw Gabe standing there.

"Uhm... uh huh... That was my hoodie..." Gabe mumbled under the woman's gaze. "How did you remember?" he asked.

"Dear, I remember every hoodie that I've ever sold. I'm guessing that you need a new one?" she asked as she pulled out a box. Gabe nodded dumbly as the woman lifted the lid off of the box, and pulled some tissue paper away, revealing brand new hoodie that was the exact same shade of Gabe's current hoodie. Gabe nodded dumbly once more. "That'll be seven ninety nine, dear." The lady told Gabe, who handed her a ten.

"That was odd..." Emo Boy muttered to Scene Girl as they walked out of the store.

Scene Girl nodded. "It reminded me of when Harry went into Olivander's to get a wand in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone..."

"Ehn. It was probably nothing. We need to get Gabe back to his bus before he needs to leave, though." Emo Boy said.

"Hey, can we fly back to the bus?" Gabe asked. He was hugging the box holding his hoodie.

"Hell, why not?" Scene Girl said, grabbing him under one arm as Emo Boy grabbed him under the other, and they took off to Cobra Starship's tour bus.

"What the?!? Gabe! I've been looking everywhere for you!" Ryland said, jumping out of the bus as Emo Boy, Gabe, and Scene Girl landed.

"I got a new hoodie! See?" Gabe said, pulling the hoodie out of the box, and holding it out.

"Sorry to bust your bubble, dude, but that's not going to fit you. It's a small." Ryland said, examining the tag. Gabe's face fell about a thousand stories. "Besides, you don't need a new one."

"What? Yeah, I do, this one's all holey!" Gabe pouted.

"No, you don't. I stole your hoodie last night, and replaced it with that one so that I could wash it for once." Ryland leaned into the bus, and bulled out a freshly laundered purple hoodie. GABE'S freshly laundered purple hoodie.

"Oh. Well then, here, Scene Girl. You can have this one, because it's not gonna fit me." Gabe handed Scene Girl the purple hoodie he was holding before pouncing on his old one.

"Thanks for the help, you guys, we'll send you your autographs in the mail, but we really need to get going, this dweeb made us late." Ryland said, pulling Gabe into the bus and shutting the door before the bus pulled away.

"I think I'm in love..." Scene Girl said, cuddling her new hoodie to her chest.

"Come on..." Emo Boy said, rolling his eyes as he took off into the air, dragging Scene Girl with him.
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