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Chapter 1

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just a brendon/ryan story =)

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SMASH! "Brendon! Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry! Are you ok?" Ryan asked Brendon as he sat up, rubbing his elbow after knocking it on the wall. "Yeah, I'm fine." He replied, looking a tad uncomfortable. "I don't think this is going too well Brendon. I dunno, it just feels odd dating my best friend, and I can't even keep him upright when we pash! I think we may need a break ..." I heard myself falter as I said those last words, not daring to look into his no doubted hurt eyes. I really hated to hurt him, but I think this would be the best for the both of us. "Ry! Please, I really love you so much. Please, just ... just another chance?" Brendon pleaded with me. "I'm sorry. I can't do this. And, Brendon, I'm straight ... I only did this with you to make you feel better about-" I was cut off, and had already regretted my words.

"You fucking bastard! Why would you hurt me like that? You're meant to be my best friend! I hate you! I hate you! GET OUT!" He screamed at me like I had never seen before. I ran for the door and slipped out, slamming it shut behind me.

Ok, so, I had ruined my relationship with my best friend ... VERY badly, and I had broken up with my first boyfriend, and I was straight. I was so confused! Surely things can't get any worse? Great. It started raining.

Walking through the streets as the rain poured down, and as tears slipped down my cheeks, I replayed the scene in my mind. I had certainly stuffed up. He really hated me now, and he was hurt very badly. I just hope he wouldn't do anything stupid.

I knocked on the door, hoping Spencer was home. I didn't have my keys with me as I had hoped Brendon would let me stay with him. maybe I should tell you what had happened.

"Guys, I have something to tell you." Brendon started, very glad that Ryan was unable to attend the meeting. "I'm bi. I have been bi for a while, and, well ... I'm in love with a guy." The rest of Panic! Sat there in shock, unsure of what to say.

"Who do you love?" Jon asked, after the awkward silence ended. "Well, I'm in love with Ryan. That's why I'm glad he wasn't coming." Brendon quietly muttered. The rest of the band looked even more shocked. "Good for you mate!" Spencer said, patting Brendon on the back as he stood. "Let's practice!" This put a big smile on Brendon's face.

Later that night.

"Mate, I think there's something you should know." Spencer started as he and Ryan sat on the couch watching 'The Simpsons'. "What do I need to know?" He asked, growing very curious. "Well, Brendon, at the meeting we had earlier, revealed to us that he is bi. He also said that he is in love with a guy." Spencer said. "That's great that he feels comfortable telling us! I'm glad he is in love. Does this guy know?" Ryan asked. "He does now. Ryan, Brendon is in love with you." Spencer finished. Ryan just sat there in amazement.

"YOU CAN'T DO THAT RY! YOU'RE STRAIGH! IT'S NOT GONNA HELP HIM!" Spencer screamed as he friend tried to explain his idea. "I just wanna help him. Maybe give him some advice, have a little chat. You know inform him I don't feel the same way ..." Ryan finished, wincing and waiting for his flat mates reply.

Well, I had ruined it hadn't I? I'd seen the delighted look on my friends place as I turned up at his apartment. I listened as he told me his love for me, and I just couldn't tell him how I felt. So, I had decided to go along with what he was telling me, pretending I was bi. It had felt so odd when he kissed me, and when he stroked my cock. It just didn't feel right. But my stupid hormones didn't give a shit about who was touching me there. Whether it was me, another guy or a girl, I'd still be incredibly turned on. I did the same back. I touched Brendon, I even sucked him off, and I was utterly disgusted by it. I couldn't take it anymore, hence why I had decided to tell him the truth.

I had only made it a few blocks when Brendon came running up behind me. "I forgot to say something!" He said, smirking. "I fucking hate you! I never want to see you again!" He screamed at me, punching me hard in the face. I fell to the ground, holding my eye where I had been punched, and watched as Brendon walked nonchalantly back to his apartment. Nobody stopped to see if I was ok. There were only a few people around anyway. I picked myself up, and walked to my apartment, hoping my face wouldn't bruise too badly.

"Spence. Spence, are you home?" I said into the speaker. "Yeah mate. Here you go." I smiled as I heard his voice, and then the sound of the buzzer which unlocked the security door.
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