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Chapter 2

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I trudged up the stairs to the apartment that Spencer and I had shared for the past few years. It was small, and had two bedrooms. But it was just perfect for us. I knocked on the door, and he opened the door with a smile. I felt slightly guilty, as Spencer had told me not to do this from the beginning.
"Umm, Spence? We have a bit of a problem."
Spencer looked at me, as if expecting what I had to say.
"I told Brendon I dont really love hi-" Spencer winced. "and he's pissed off at me. REALLY pissed off. He beat me up a bit." I finished, motioning to my black eye.
Spencer put is head in his hands and groaned.
"Great! We probably won't have a fucking band anymore! Your fucking unbelieveable!!" He yelled at me.
"Don't say that..." I whispered, really wanting the band to stay together.
"Please help me Spence. I've already lost one of my best friends. Your'e the only one I have. Jon's great, but I don't know him that well." I pleaded, attempting puppy dog eyes.
Spencer considered this.
"Look Ry. I don't agree with what you did. And i reckon Brendon has EVERY right to be pissed off at you. But I'm going to help you sort this out, cos I know you didn't intend it to be harmful, and cos we all want the band to stay together."
I smiled softly at Spencer.
"Thanks mate." I said, getting up to give him a brief hug.
I dragged myself to my room, and got undressed down to my boxers. I took a nice warm shower and then collapsed onto my bed, dreading the day aheag of me.
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