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Were you adopted?

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ok please don't mind my spelling it kinda sucks.

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I looked in amazement at the tall dark figure standing in the door frame. His hair mas matted by the rain that was dripping down his face. He put his cigaret out by lightly steping on it with his left foot. He took off the dark pair of shades he was wearing revealing a stunning pair of greenish brown eyes. my breath caught in my throught and my eyes stayed glued on him.

Mikey waved the pale mystery boy over to where I was sitting. He only walked past us going somewhere else in the bar. I stoped staring and looked at Mikey in shock. "you know him?" A sudden smile grew on Mikeys face. "Of course I do hes my older brother." I shook my head furiously cauzing me to loose my balance and fall of the revolving bar chair. "Nuh Uh he can't be you don't look anything alike." I took a longer look at Mikey once again no way were they brothers Mikey wasn't ugly or anything but come on his brother was like I don't know a GOD.

"Hes my brother Anastasia like it or not." A funny idea poped into my head. "Were you adopted or something?" Mikey only roled his eyes at me. "So whats his name does he have a name". Everyone had a name that was a silly question. "His name is Gerard." Mikey responded. "Gerard." I repeated to myself.

Gerard appeared from around the corner holding a rather large bottle of vodka. "Did someone say my name?" His voice was soft and creamy and made my legs numb. I slowly raised my hand smiling. The voice in my head had kicked in.

"Remember Anastasia the oath against boys no boys you promised." I had the urge to tell it to shut up but didn't want to say it out loud. A bright smile grew on his face.

"Whos this Mikey?" He seemed interested in me but I couldn't read his face. Mikey was about to speak for me but I interrupted him not wanting to embarrass myself. "I'm Anastasia Mikeys Friend." He only nodded his head taking a seat beside me. "Want some?" Gerard asked pointing to the bottle of vodka." I gleefuly took it out of his hand. Now I didn't usualy drink vodka straight but when a rather sexy boy like him offerd me a drink I took it.
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