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One Way down.

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Going back..

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"Oh come on Ray, it's not like it's the worst thing we ever done to you", I was lying in the back seat cause after all the laughter my side was literally killing me, even the swaying of the van resulted in sharp pain.
Ray didn't answer, Mikey and I exchanged looks, my head was in his lap and my feet in Frankie's lap.
"Yeah", Frankie agreed, "Remember that time when we asked the sales lady if they had diapers your size?"
"And I don't get why you got all upset, we did worse things to Bob", Mikey tried to console Ray too.
"No you didn't", Ray snapped all of the sudden, "Cause Bob would've killed you all".
He was probably right. No, strike that, he was right, Bob would've killed us and bury our bones in his back yard. But we embarassed Bob too...Just a little
"And remember that time when we left you behind in the gas station?", Mikey recalled, "That was much more worse".
"No, when we made him believe he was stung by a jelly fish when it was really a plastic bag we planted, now that was horrible", Frankie smiled smugly, "Remember he panicked so badly and turned red and said he's allergic"
"Priceless", Mikey agreed.
"Would you fucking stop!", Ray yelled and Ray never yells, now even when we splashed water on his pants and told the teacher Ray had an accident and that was cruel.
"Come on Ray, so people think you're masturbating, so what? You probably are anyway", I told him and he blushed so brightly.
What the hell did I say? It's like a known fact guys do it so what's the big deal. I guess announcing it would be embarrassing so I know where's he coming from but it's not like anyone knew who he was.
"What if someone from the media was here", Ray said angrily.
I rolled my eyes, "So what. Admit it RayRay, it was awesome".
We high fived all around.
"Are you sure you don't wanna go to the hospital, Skyler?", I guess bear saw in the mirror the faces I was making.
"No bear, I'm fine", I wasn't really but I didn't want to appear wussy.
The pain was sharp, it made me tear up and sweat.
But it's just a little hit.

We pulled in front of the venue, the crowd began to gather around the gates even though it was like 3 hours before the show.
Bear was the first one to step out, he told us to wait until he said it was OK to get out.
Mikey helped me to a sitting position so I could see what's going on outside.
The minute the kids realized there were some MCR members in the van, they raised hell and then some.
Some just screamed, some started crying, others jumped up and down.
I was so freaked out, first cause I had no idea how I could walk through the crowd without crying in pain and second because...I don't know...How do you deal with someone who's going insane over friends you saw taste shampoo just a few hours before?
Bear circled the van and opened the door on our side, Ray got out first, I guess he couldn't stand to be with us for one more second, the crowd went nuts!
"You'd be OK?", Frankie asked.
I gave him a nod and he got out, we heard cheers such as 'Frankie' and 'I love you' and occasional 'Marry me'.
Then Mikey slid out of the van and held out his hand to me, I took it and gave my other hand to bear.
They both supported me on either side.
The noise was unbearable, it's like it was all in my head.
The screaming, shouting and the pain in my side kinda mixed up in my head, I felt so weak.
But we managed to pass without further injury although the whole thing was intense.
"You look pale", bear put his gigantic hand on my shoulder.
"I'm just overwhelmed", I told him truthfully.
He smiled and handed me a water bottle.

"What did you do to Ray?", that was Bob's first question when we walked into the dressing room, "He's all fuming"
"Nothing", Frank put on his I-didn't-do-bad-shit-I-swear face, "He's just exaggerating".
Bob shifted his gaze from Frank to me to Mikey, "Bad motherfuckers"
"Take that back!", Frankie cried out.
"Or what?", Bob snickered.
"Nothing", Mikey and I said in unison and glared at Frank.
I swear Bob could tame us like no one could.
"What happened to you?", Gerard took off his sunglasses and studied me.
"Nothing", I shrugged.
"Frank crashed into her with a trolley", Mikey offered information.
"What?", Gerard stood up sharply and rushed to me, "No wonder you look like hell", he turned to Frankie, "What the fuck were you thinking?!"
"It was an accident", Frankie's guilty misery didn't convince Gerard.
"Does it hurt?", he forgot all about our falling out earlier.
"I little, but I'm OK", I lied.
"Then why your eyes just turned darker?", he squinted, having none of my bullshit.
"I wanna talk to you", I took his hand and led him to a quiet corner.
"What about?", Gerard looked me over, concerned.
"About earlier", I sighed, "I just wanted to say that I do understand it's your work and I'm so proud you wouldn't believe".
He cut me off with a kiss.
I smiled, "It's just that I miss you so much and I get lonely and feel unimportant sometimes, that's why I bitch".
His eyes sparkled, "You know I care about my wife more than anything".
I smiled, just him saying he likes his wife made me all fuzzy, "How long are we gonna hide it?"
He shrugged, "I don't know".
I nodded, I didn't feel like handling with all the head shaking and unpleased faces I knew gonna follow the announcement, "I love you, Gerard"
"I love you too", he grabbed me by the waist ans spun me around.
I gasped with pain and blacked out.
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