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Wake up and die...

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Everything was so blurry around me, I heard noises and saw shadows but nothing came into focus.
I blinked a few times and a white room came into focus, it had an arm chair in the corner and I was in a white bed, shit beeping around.
"Honey, you scared the fuck out me", I heard a familiar voice and shifted my gaze on Amy.
"Where am I?", I whispered.
"You fainted", she leaned and took my hand in her.
"Um why?", I frowned. I had better things to do with my time.
"I don't know", she shrugged awkwardly.
"Where's Gerard?", I looked at the beeping monitor.
"He had that gig to go to", she said kinda resentfully.
"It's his job", I tried to convince myself more than her.
"Skyler, don't get me started about it", she smiled, patting my hand, "He just called and asked me to come over so you wouldn't be alone".
There was a knock and the door was pushed open for Billy to appear.
"Billy", I cried out.
"Yeah, I called him", Amy nodded, "What are they saying?"
"She popped a few ribs and didn't tend to it in time, but they can't explain the fainting, probably a reaction to the pain", Billy dragged a chair to the side of the bed, "You'd be OK. Just a couple of weeks on pain killers", he winked.
I smiled, I knew why he winked. He was saying I wish I could pop a few ribs too.
"Would I be able to go on tour", I asked, worried. I planned that for fucking ages.
"Sure", he waved his hand.
"Sky, um..We didn't know about your mom", Amy hesitated.
"Oh don't tell me she's here", I moaned.
"No, Billy said you won't like her here but I wasn't sure", Amy glanced over at Billy.
"He was right", I smirked at him. He smirked back.
"Thank you for coming guys", I looked from Amy on my left side to Billy.
"No problem", Amy smiled.
"Yeah, we don't have gigs", Billy stretched his hands over his head and crossed his legs.
"Bill!", I snickered.
"Bitch", he hated when I called him that.
I flipped him off, Billy flipped me back.
Amy shook her head when someone knocked on the door.
"Yeah?", I called out, hoping it would be Gerard but I knew it wasn't him, he wouldn't knock.
The head that popped in the doorway belonged to Cole, "Can I come in?".
my eyes widened but I nodded.
Amy motioned to Billy to follow her, Billy rolled his eyes and stood up lazily, one last smirk and he closed the door behind him.
"These are for you", he stretched dozen of fresh daisies in front of him.
"Thanks", I smiled widely and motioned him to leave them on the little drawer near the beeping shit, "Sit down".
He hesitated but eventually sat down, "So how are you feeling?"
"Stoned", I giggled. It was awesome, just a floating kinda of sensation.
He smiled, "Amy called Ali but she couldn't leave the store".
"So you came?", I cocked my eyebrow.
"yeah, we're kinda together now", he nodded.
"Aww Cole, that's great!", I breathed out.
"Yeah", he was scanning the room and trying to avoid my gaze, "Look, I'm sorry I called you a bitch that other night".
I smirked, I mean seriously, that's just tooo sweet, "Don't worry about it, you're not the first and definitely not the last".
Suddenly the door swung open and Gerard stormed into the room, he was still in his revenge costume and looked so sweaty it looked like a cow spat on him.
He was followed by Mikey, Frank and Bob looking pretty much the same.
He didn't even glance at Cole while pushing past him, Cole got the hint and backed to the wall with his jaw hanging low.
Told him I was married to Gerard. Now, he better not repeat it.
"How are you?", Gerard took my hand gently in his.
"Cool", I smiled faintly.
I noticed Cole is sneaking slowly out of the room, I waved him over, "You haven't met the guys. This is Gerard", I wriggled the hand Gerard was clutching, "And these are Frank, Mikey and Bobo".
Bob winced but greeted Cole like everyone else, Frank was the only one hesitant in his reaction.
He wrinkled his eyebrows and frowned, trying to remember where he met Cole I guess, "You met Cole at that Halloween party, Frankie", I regretted saying it the minute the words escaped my mouth.
Confusion slipped off Frankie's face and it downed on him, he smirked and nodded at Cole.
In return Cle gave him that look guys give each other like 'It's not over, motherfucker', "I'm gonna go wait for Ali in the parking lot", he was looking at Frankie when he said that and disappeared through the door.
"Where's Ray?", I couldn't believe he was still mad at me after I fainted so gracefully.
"Grilling the doctors", Mikey said like where else could Ray be.
"I'll be right back", Frankie hurried out.
"So how was the show?", I turned my gaze from Mikey to Gerard.
"I couldn't cancel it, OK", he turned defensive on my ass.
I could tell by his posture and his tone, he was feeling guilty.
And I was so glad..Not about him feeling guilty...Fuck, I was so giddy he felt guilty.
I mean his wife fucking fainted in his arms and even that didn't make him cancel one stupid show, he better feel as guilty as hell!
"I'm just asking, don't snap at me just cause you're feeling guilty", I said calmly, pleased that he's feeling so bad.
"I'm not feeling guilty", Gerard smirked like he doesn't give a fuck.
If I didn't know him as well as I did, I would be heart broken...I mean, he went from a worried mode to a fuck you mode within seconds, any other girl would be crushed.
But I knew him so much better, I knew that he actually feels bad about it no matter what he sounds like cause he was still holding my hand for dear life.
If he said what he said and let go of my hand I'd be heart broken but as long as he was holding it, I knew he cared.
No mater how much shit we put each other through, as long as he doesn't let go, we will be fine.

Suddenly it downed on me...Cole left...Frankie left minutes after him...Frankie would want to finish what he started with Cole...And Cole...Fuck, he'd be prepared for Frank this time, "You gotta go get Frank, Gerard", I chocked.
Gerard looked at me like I just fell off the moon, "He'll be right back, baby".
I noticed the 'baby' and stuffed the urge to jump him with the panic that was about to overwhelm me, "No. You gotta get him NOW".
I clasped my other hand on top of his and squeezed, "Please just get him".
"But Skyler..."
"Just go", I kinda yelled.
"But why?", he gave Mikey and Bob a look like he's asking them what to do.
I grunted, we were wasting time when Frankie quite possibly losing his battle, "If you don't go, I will", I sat up in my bed, thanking god I was on pain killers and wasn't feeling much at all.
"Skyler", Gerard pushed me back on my back, "Frank will be right back".
"I'm serious, Gerard, if you don't go I'll go get him", I resisted past his efforts to push me back.
"Are you psychotic?", Mikey squinted.
I just love Mikey, if I was psychotic does he honestly think I'll tell him I am, it would be crazy to do it....Wait...Never mind!
Gerard didn't look like he's about to storm off in the search for Frankie so I grumbled, why if you want to get something done you have to do it yourself?
I threw off the blankets off me so fast Gerard didn't even have the chance to stop me, I ripped off all the shit that was connected to me.
Suddenly the monitors went flat, they made that flat sound when there's no heart rate.
It threw Gerard off, he froze and stared at the monitors, the little color he had drained from his face.
It's like by ripping off that shit i set the world to slow motion.
Everything went quite and still and the monitors flat beeping filled my ears, the only thing that let me know Gerard is a human and not a frozen manakin is that he still held my hand, even tighter than before.
"I'll go get Frank", I heard Bob's voice come through the flat beep, steps and then a door shutting close.
Gerard still haven't made contact with the rest of the world, he kept staring at the monitors as though if he takes his eyes off them he'll fall apart.
"Gee?", I shook my hand which was still in his.
When he didn't react I looked at Mikey for support.
Mikey tore his eyes from Gerard and approached us, "Gerard?", he put his hand on Gerard's back.
"What?", Gerard's voice was hoarse but he didn't take his eyes off the monitors.
"You ok?", Mikey asked.
Gerard nodded and placed my hand on his heart, I could literally feel his heart doing jumps and flipps.
Mikey nodded shortly at me like he was telling me to hug Gerard.
I don't know if he was actually telling me that or I just reflected my own thoughts on him but that's what I did, pulled him for a tight hug.
At first he just let me hug him but then he wrapped his arms around me and kinda felt me like he's making sure I'm there.
Mikey nodded in approval and snuck out of the room quietly.
"My worst fear is to hear that sound while the tubes are connected to you", Gerard buried his face in my neck.
God how much of a hypocrite could he be? I was lying there with that shit connected to me while he was skipping on stage, as far as he was concerned I could have not even woken up and still he didn't cancel the show to be with me.
That thought pissed me off so I kept my mouth shut, knowing that I'll regret anything that'll come out of it right now, "Gerard, that's OK, I'm well and alive. Don't get worked up for nothing".
He pulled back and seemed to pull himself together, nodding to himself.

Frankie came literally flying through the door with Bob behind him.
"Frankie, where have you been?", I took in his messy image.
Bob did something to him, he kinda winced, "I was getting coffee".
I smiled at how dedicated Bob was to not letting me know Frank have been fighting somewhere with Cole, "Where is it?", only a fool wouldn't noticed Frankie's dirty clothes and messy hair.
"Drank it", he said after another pinch from Bob.
"Oh please", I rolled my eyes at both of them.
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