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Chapter Twenty.

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Will Mikey be killed?

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Day 112

Gerard's POV.

They can't do it! They can't kill my brother! Sure he's mentally unstable, but that's no good reason!

Gerard ran all the way down to the court office, where the police directed him. He burst into the office breathing heavily and cursing his smoking habits. He walked up to the counter and demanded to speak to the head of the council, or whoever was in charge.

Twenty minutes later he was in a heated debate with the person in charge of Mikey's file.

"You can't kill him!" "Yes we can, he is mentally and physically unfit for society." "You have to have proof!" "We do Mr. Way. He has hurt many people and killed a few others."

Whoa, he killed someone? I don't remember that...

"But he's my brother!" "Mr. Way please, I don't have time for this."

I sighed, they never had time for any damn thing. After a while they basically made me leave. What added onto that was I couldn't see my own brother. Life sucks.

Frank's POV.

Jez, they're going to kill Mikey. I didn't mean to all mad...I mean yeah what he did do hurt, but I don't want Mikey dead. I feel bad now. Why are they going to kill him?! The world is a damn cruel place!!

Ray's POV.

Agh! They're killing our bassist!! Mikey can't die!! This isn't happening! Someone stop this immediately! Right now! Commence the stopping dammit!

Bob's POV.

Mikey can't die! Dude! Rockstars are supposed to live! Not go crazy, kill people, make weird ass rituals in kitchens and then get murdered! Nooooo!!

Mikey's POV.

So, I hear I'm dying. News spreads fast. -sigh- I knew this was coming. I'm so tired, I really can't wait. These voices...they won't stop. The cravings won't go away. Nothing works like it used to. My mind is being overtaken, everything is dark and most of the time I'm in a daze. I don't know what's wrong. Everything's going black, I'm feeling dizzy...

Gerard where are you?

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