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Chapter Twenty-one.

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Nooo!! Mikey!!

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Day 131

Mikey's POV.

I'm dying today. Or at least, that's what I hear. They won't let me see my brother and he can't be with me when they kill me. How stupid is that? I'm sure mom and dad aren't proud of me.


Oh no, not those again! -sigh- I guess this means I'm not going to remember anything for a couple of hours...

Frank's POV.

THEY CANNOT KILL MIKEY. IT'S NOT FAIR! Why do they have to kill him? I'll miss him! And Gerard needs him! And we need him! And Ray's sad! And Bob's sad! And I don't wanna lose Mikey-Mikes!! I can't! We can't! We can’t lose Mimey! Ah, I need to calm down! RUN AWAY! WHERE'S THE REWIND BUTTON?!

Ray's POV.

This is so bad! This can't happen! We need a pause button, four ninja outfits, a plan and a sack of nifty ninja stuff! Then we can go rescue Mikey! Where's Bob, maybe he'll help me...wait. Now I'm insane. This won't work. Eeehh!

Bob's POV.

Ray looked kinda funny earlier. Well, today is when Mikey gets executed. This is far from fair. Can't he get help? Even though that's where he went to get help...why can't he be helped!?

Gerard's POV.

I need to get to Mikey! They won't let me see him! I'd like to be with my damn brother when he gets murdered!

Later that day...

Mikey's POV.

I looked up as someone walked into my room. Well, it was more of a cell, but whatever. I saw them carrying a syringe and some type of clear liquid.

"This is it."

I had only regained consciousness an hour prior. I said nothing as they walked over. They, also, said nothing. I wasn't scared, I wasn't shaking, I wasn't anything. I think I was just sad. I wanted to be with my brother, but they wouldn't let me. Now the only way he's going to get to see me is in my coffin.

That's going to kill him. I hope not literally. I don't want him to die, I want him to live. I'd feel bad if I caused my brother's death too. Oh, here comes the needle. I'm not too fond of those things, but I guess I have no choice.

I winced as it was put into my skin. I stayed emotionless. After a few minutes, the poison seemed to kick in. I started to feel drowsy, I felt my body relaxing.

"This is really the end. I love you Gerard, please take care of yourself and the others."

And with that, I was no more.

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