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Tear And Blood Blurred Vision

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Rachel's family hits a bit of a hitch...

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Chapter 22-

The two weeks of holidays passed, and we were back at school again.

Gerard and I told our friends about our, ah, night.
Well, we didn’t actually tell them. Mikey did that for us, after Gerard’s Mum and Dad told Mikey, for some unknown reason.

We occasionally get the few teasing comments, but eh, fuck em…

“I am so incredibly bored.” I moaned, slamming my head onto the table.

“Did that hurt?” Scarlet giggled.

“A little.” I mumbled.

“So what are you doing tonight?” Scarlet asked, copying notes down off the board.

“Homework. What else?” I asked sarcastically, looking up at the board and groaning at the sight of all the words.

“And tomorrow?” Scarlet asked, still taking notes.

“Dunno yet. Whatever happens, happens.” I shrugged, taking my phone out of my pocket to check the time.

“I find it kinda funny that we’ve only been at school for a week and we already have a day off…” Scarlet giggled slightly.

“I’m not complaining.” I smiled.

“You better be taking these notes down class, I’ll be checking every one of your books before you leave, and you’re not leaving until you’ve done it.” Our science teacher said loudly.

I raised my eyebrow and looked down at my book. Nothing. A blank page.

“Crap. I have some work to do.” I muttered, picking up my pen and writing down the heading.

“Rachel.” Gerard whispered in my ear.

“What?” I hissed, starting on my notes.

“Mum said you can come for dinner if you want. You wanna come?” Gerard asked quietly.

“I’d love to. But we’re going out for tea tonight.” I said, smiling slightly.

“Ok then… So I guess things are still going good with your parents?” Gerard said carefully.

“Yep.” I said happily, looking down at my page once more.

“Well that’s good.” Gerard said before quickly kissing my head.

My head shot up, I looked around to see if anyone saw. Gerard laughed.

“No one saw Rach.” Gerard said.

“Saw what?” Ray asked, butting in.

“Nothing Froboy.” I said, looking at the board. “Now get to work.” I said, tapping Ray’s half blank page.


“HOW THE FUCK IS IT MY FAULT?!” My mother screamed loudly at my Dad.

I sighed loudly and turned my music up, trying to block out the sound of my screaming parents.

I heard a faint knock at my door. I jumped off my bed and turned the knob.

“Quick, get in.” I whispered.

Matt hurried into my room and dove under my bed.

It probably seemed childish to come together and hide under my bed every time my parents fought, but it’s just one of those things that make a small difference in making me feel safe.

“I’M SICK OF YOUR BULLSHIT!” My Mum screeched before I heard a glass shatter against a wall.

Mum screamed and I heard my Dad’s angered yelling.

Matt stiffened beside me, and a tear slowly fell down my cheek.

“Should we?” Matt whispered.

“No. We’ll stay here for now. See how it turns out.” I whispered, hardly blinking.

I heard my Mum screamed loudly and something big shatter into pieces. I was guessing maybe a wooden chair.

“NO! NOO!” Mum screamed.


I breathed in quickly and rolled from under my bed.

“Stay here. Don’t come out. You know the drill.” I said, walking to my door.

“Rachel?” Matt said softly, his voice shaking with fear.

“Yeah?” I whispered.

“I love you. Be careful please.” Matt said so quietly I was shocked I could actually hear him.

“I love you too. And don’t worry, everything will be fine.” I sighed, turning the knob and preparing myself for what was ahead of me.

In front of my eyes was my Mum roughly pinned up against a wall with my Dad harshly beating her thigh with a splintered chair leg.

Mum screamed out in pain.

“DAD NO!” I screamed, leaping forward.

“Stay out of this Rachel!” Dad said loudly through gritted teeth.

“Let go of her!” I screamed, tears filling my eyes.

“SHE NEEDS TO GET WHAT SHE DESERVES!” Dad shouted before belting her hard on the arm.

Mum sobbed violently, her eyes filled with fear.

My heart was racing; I had no idea what to do. I had a terrible feeling in my stomach, something bad was going to happen.

Dad dropped the chair leg and grasped Mum tightly around the throat.

Mum gasped for air, clawing quickly at his hand.

“Don’t fucking touch her!” I screamed, tears streaming down my face.

“I SAID STAY OUT OF IT!” Dad shouted, taking his free hand and shoving me away hard.

I fell back and bashed my head against the brick wall.

I felt a strong, sharp pain attack the side of my head.

I struggled to get up, but I did. I had to. For Mum.

I held the side of my head, wincing in pain.

“Dad, leave her alone.” I said.

Dad turned to me and smirked.

“I said, stay out of it.” My Dad said slowly.

“And when I say it…” Dad continued slowly, bending down and picking up the chair leg.

“I MEAN IT!” Dad shouted before I felt a quick, painful throb hit the side of my eye.

I immediately fell to the ground.

Shit, I could see blood.

I groaned in pain. It hurt so badly.

I could hear Mum crying hysterically.

“You’re just as pathetic as her. You take one lousy fall and you become weak as piss!” Dad shouted at me, spitting in my face.

I backed into a corner, pulling my knees up to my chest.

Dad smirked before he raised the broken piece of wood over his head, ready to take another swing at me.

I screamed in fear and scrambled to my feet.

I ran for the door, my vision blurred by tears and blood.

I took my hand away from my face and saw that my hand was completely covered in blood.

I ran as fast as I could, running for the one place I could be safe. Gerard’s house…
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