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Chapter Three.

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Maybe a nightmare?

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Eeeeeekkk, soooo, hopefully you'll like the rest to this one. :]
I'm dead tired, so please, if this part sucks don't hate me! :(

Brendon staggered backwards, landing against the wall, "'re dead." Ryan looked at him funny, "Then how could I be standing here?" Brendon shut his gaping mouth and snapped out of it, "Because you're not dead!" He hugged Ryan, "You're not dead you're not dead." Ryan started to get a little freaked, "Uh, Brendon, I've never been dead." "Everyone's been saying you were," Brendon finally let go of him. "Don't worry, I'm not," and with that Ryan smiled and disappeared.

Brendon gasped and shot up in his bed. He looked around, everything was dark. It was 3:04 am. He looked around his room seeing nothing. He let out a breath of air. How long had he been asleep? He checked his phone and something hit him.

Ryan was dead.

It hit him hard too. After a twenty minute sob he ambled his way into his bathroom. He felt his phone buzz and looked at the screen. It was a text message. He opened his phone wondering who could be up at a time like this. He swore he felt his heart stop.

The screen read 'New message: sender, Ryan Ross'.

Sorry it's so short guys, I'm really tired. I've been go go go for the past few days and haven't gotten proper sleep. I promise I'll update tomorrow though. :]
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