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Chapter Four.

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Hey! Enjoy! Don't worry, all questions will be answered in due time. :]
I own nothing more than the mere idea/plot. :D

Brendon opened the text message quite slowly. He read it, getting more confused.

Hey Bren! Wanna come meet me at the corner stop thingy? U left somethin over my house. :] ttyl.

He looked up at his reflection. He looked like he had just seen a ghost, well, he had just got a text message from one. "What the fuck is going on here?"

Brendon hesitantly changed into his normal clothes instead of pajamas. He left, forgetting his phone at his house. He walked through the chilly night air to the usual street corner him and Ryan had decided it was halfway in between both of their houses. No cars were on the road, well it WAS four in the morning.

He finally saw Ryan and the street corner come into view, he stopped walking. "What the hell." He waved slightly to Ryan. Ryan warmly returned the wave. Brendon picked up his feet and made himself walk to the edge of the sidewalk. He looked in both directions and then went to take a step, he heard a loud horn and jumped back into the sidewalk.

He looked around to see nothing, confusion came over his face. Ryan called out to him, "Come on hurry up!" Brendon looked up, "Didn't you hear that?" "Hear what?" "Uh, nothing." Brendon shook his head and walked over to the other side of the sidewalk.

Ryan shoved a game controller out towards him, "Here, this is yours I think." Brendon looked at it, "Ohhhh, I've been looking for this." He smiled and took it, "Thanks." "No problem, now I think I'm going to go home." Brendon stopped him, "What are you doing up this late anyways?" Ryan smiled again, "Taking a walk." "Oh. Okay," Brendon nodded and then said his goodbye. They each went their separate ways.

Then there was a loud screeching of brakes, a blazing horn and a loud cry into the night. Brendon spun around, taking in the sight. He had only turned his back for five seconds!

Ryan lay there on the sidewalk, blood everywhere, and a few yards away a car was crashed into the side of the building. No doubt the person was a dead drunk.

"NO!" Brendon shouted and ran over to Ryan's limp body. "This can't be happening! How can this happen twice! Or once! Or three times! No! Don't let it happen another time! WHAT'S GOING ON HERE?!" Brendon felt hot tears running down his cheeks, he was smeared with Ryan's blood. He searched around for his cell phone, remembering he had left it at home. "FUCK!" He looked for Ryan's, only to find it broken. He gave up, panicking not knowing what to do.

Hours Later.

Brendon was sitting in his living room. People had come and gotten Ryan and the other. Oh they had to pry Ryan from his grip, but they still took him. By now Spencer and Jon knew. He was sure Ryan's parents and whoever else probably knew as well. Ryan's 'case' was classified as a murder. Honestly Brendon thought it was a drunken car crash, but they hadn't done the autopsy yet, so they wouldn't know until the next few days.

Brendon was finally jerked into reality when he heard his cell buzz. It was on the table next to him. He didn't look at the sender, but read it first. He felt his blood run cold.

'Why didn't you help me?
Sender: Ryan Ross
Time Sent: 4:13 AM
Time Stored: 7:52 AM'

Chilling ending huh? I hope ya like it. :] Reviews are VERY much appreciated. :D
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