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Broken down on memory lane

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Chapter 21: Broken down on memory lane

Andy’s POV
Everyone started to come over and try to comfort me, but I just pushed them away. I didn’t want to me petted, I wanted answers. I wanted to know what I had done in this world to deserve this punishment.
I sat in a chair far in the corner, alone remembering. I still remember how she smelt the first time I talked to her. I remember what she was reading that day. I remember how our bodies fit so perfectly together. I didn’t want to forget any of this. I didn’t want her to go, ever.
People would get up and start toward me but Pete would hold them back. I couldn’t ask for a better set of friend in the entire world. They are the best, they knew when to give someone space, and when to just give them a hug. They knew when to joke around, and when to be serious. Pete always knew the exact words to say. Joe always knew how to love someone unconditionally. Patrick knew when to be a geek and when just to be accepted. I couldn’t thank them enough for just being there.
A doctor came out. I ran to her. “Are you Mr. Hurley?” she asked. “Yes” I said nervously. “I’m sorry. We could do anything to stop the bleeding.” She said putting her head down. I dropped to my knees. “The baby?” I asked her. She just shook her head. “Can I see her” I asked. “Yes, she’s awake right know, but she doesn’t have long.” She said leaving. I turned to the others. Words wouldn’t form in my mouth. I just ran to her room and busted through the doors. Her eyes were barely opened. “Hey babe” I said trying to hold back my tears. “Hey” she said faintly. “Hold on, okay?” I said. She nodded. I grabbed all of the machines and out them on her bed. I started to roll her out of the room. “Sir, sir you can’t do that.” I heard the nurses say behind me. I didn’t care. I passed the waiting room. “Call the pastor” I yelled to them. They looked at me in disbelief. “We’re getting married today!” I said. I found the chapel. “Babe, we’re getting married today.” I said to her. She smiled faintly, God how I’m going to miss that smile. The crew busted through the doors with the pastor behind them. “Thanks for coming.” I said to him. He went through the regular vows. I held on the Ashley’s hand tight, afraid to let go. She made it through all of the vows. I bent down to kiss her and I got one last perfect kiss from her before I felt her lips go limp and saw her skin grew pale. My tears hit her eyes and I move my face just enough to look at her face one last time. The nurses took her away from me.
I just dropped to my knees and buried my face in my hands. I felt arms wrap around me, this time I didn’t push away. I needed this comfort.
The funeral was beautiful. The guys made all the arrangements. I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. I still wasn’t ready to accept that she was dead. I kept asking myself ‘what went wrong?’ but I never got an answer. The band was put on hold. I went into therapy for trying to comment suicide twice. I just wanted to her her face again.
I eventually got on with my life, but not without thinking of her every time I woke up and she wasn’t there. It’s been rough but the band has pulled me through most of it, and I thank them for that.
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