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Hook Ups and Smoking In The 7-Eleven

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I can't think of a good summery for this chapter, sorry. It was hard enough writing the damn thing and thinking up a tittle.

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I offered Julie a coke once she arrived. She accepted it and perched on the edge of my fathers armchair shyly. The air was kind of tense as all four of us sat in silence and just stared at each other. 'If somebody doesn't say something soon I'm gonna slit my wrists. God this turned out to be a bad idea after all.'

"So uh...How about that weather we've been having, freezing isn't it?" I mentally slapped myself. 'Of course it's freezing it's fucking January!'

Julie nodded. "Yes it is."

"I hope it snows again," Frankie said cheerfully. "I just love making snow angels, but I always fuck them up when I stand. There's always a hand print smack dab in the middle. Makes a guy angry."

Bob nodded. "If someone helps you up there won't be a hand print."

Agreement all around then more silence. I was almost grateful for the distraction of Gerard as he barged in and kicked his feet so that his shoes slid off and collided with the wall. His shoes were fallowed by his jacket and maybe even his shirt but he noticed Julie, Bob, Frankie, and I just in time to stop himself.

"Sorry, thought nobody was home."

"Ah that's all right Gee." Frankie propped his feet on the coffee table and smiled evilly. "Go ahead and get naked. You know we want your body." Julie snorted into her coke can. "Hell let's all get naked, we'll have a mass orgy right here in the Way family living room."

"Very funny. Oh by the way you and Mikey left a love stain on one of moms throw pillows." It was Gerards turn to give an evil smile as he descended into his basement.

After some of the mortification wore off the conversation moved on to better and brighter things. We tried to keep most of the focus on Bob and Julie. I thought is was going quite well myself. Bob told us about Chicago and how he used to be drum line captain of the school band before he moved. Julie seemed impressed and asked him if he would play something for her sometime. To the amusement of Frankie and I he readily agreed.


'So do you like her or not?'

Bob glanced up to the teacher and made sure that he was busy grading papers before slipping me his reply. 'I guess. She's pretty and really seems to like me. Do you think I should ask her out?'

'Of course!!! Invite her over to hear that drum solo of yours, she seemed exited about that yesterday. I hear she likes to bowl to.'

'I suck at bowling.'

'So put the bumpers up.'

The bell rang and everybody scrambled out of their seats and made a run for the door. I got a brief glimpse of Bob and Julie walking together as I pushed my way through the crowd. I smiled as I entered the cafeteria.

Frankie kissed my cheek in greeting once he found me and slipped his arm around my waist. The lunch line was about a mile long so we opted to wait a bit at an empty table on the edge of the mayham that is first lunch period.

"Our sceeming has paid off, he's gonna ask her out."

"That's great! I wonder how long it'll take for them to make babies."

"You're such a pervert."

"It takes two to make love stains on your mothers throw pillows."

I rolled my eyes as he pulled me into his lap and playfully nipped my neck. A table of jocks nearby pointed and snickered. Frankie gave them the finger before continuing to try to give me a hickey.


The rest of the week passed with not much incident. Just the rushed cleaning frenzy that insued a day before my parents were due to return home. The place was a mess. Usually I'm not that filthy of a person, but with the absence of adults to tell me to pick up after myself I completely forgot to and Gerard, the lazy slob, didn't help much either. Dishes were piling up, dirty clothes were draped across furniture, and the smell of cigarette smoke lingered all over because Gerard felt that sense mom wasn't home to bitch he could light up where and when ever he wanted. It took all day but the house was spotless and free of any evidence that we had broken any rules.

"Oh look at this place. I expected a little mess but this is just perfect."

Gerard sneered. I guess he didn't appreciate the fact that we didn't have to work that hard and could have gotten away with a little mess. Good thing mom didn't go down to the basement, that place was a train wreck.

"Boys, do you know what happened to this throw pillow!?"

'Oh shit!'

My denial of any knowledge about the pillow must of looked suspicious but thankfully mother didn't say anymore about it.


Frankie and I leaned against the counter and stared blankly into space. The slushy machine whirred in its corner and outside an old man squeegeed bugs off his windshield. It was Saturday and there was absolutely nothing to do. Frankie had to work, Gerard went to New York to give Cartoon Network an animatic, and the wonder couple that is Bob and Julie were out doing God knows what.

"You dare me to stick my head under the spicket and chug some slushy?"

I gave Frankie my best 'what the fuck' face. "No!"

He pouted and began to watch the old man fill his gas tank. "I'm bored as fuck."

"Same here."

A sigh escaped Frankies lips as he ran a hand through his hair and asked, "ever see that movie Clerks?"

"I think so. Isn't it in black and white and about how this dude had to work at a convenience store on his day off while worry about how is girlfriend sucked thirty cocks." Frankie nodded. "What does that have to do with anything?"

"That movie reminds me of days like today, only in real life it's not as exiting."

"I can sort of see it. I'll be Randall and you'll be Dante cause you actually work here; we'll have to find someone to be Jay and Silent Bob."

"You're not gonna develop a penchant for hermaphrodite porn are you."

"Hell no!"

"Good," Frankie said with a smile. He then reached behind him and took a pack of Marlboros of the wall and stuffed four dollars into the cash register.

"Has you boss caught you doing that yet?"

"Nah, if I pay for it and he continues to ignore the security tapes I'll probably never get caught." He produce a lighter from his pocket and lit a cigarette. "Want one?"

"Eh why not."

We're pathetic aren't we? Two teenagers stuck in 7-Eleven on a Saturday afternoon with nothing to do but smoke and complain about how bored we are. I flicked ash to the floor carelessly and eyed the employees only door.

"What's back there?"

"Stock. Ya know stuff the boss hasn't put on the shelf yet."

A smirk grew across my face. "Turn the open sign around. I've got an idea."
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