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05. Potential Lovers

by alkenore 3 reviews

Category: Panic! At The Disco - Rating: PG - Genres: Drama,Romance - Warnings: [!!] - Published: 2007-10-15 - Updated: 2007-10-15 - 289 words

You may here the word Ice in the story later on um, it's a type of drug, I believe. I am not sure but I have heard about it before.

I got home and I dropped my stuff on the counter getting out Pete's phone number. He had given me before school ended. I planned on waiting a little while before calling him. An hour at least, I thought. I ran downstairs which by the first day was already dirty as hell. Oh Gosh my dad's been drinking meaning he is drunk again and I am alone with him, I though.

I walked in the living room. To find my father laid out on the floor with some Ice in his hand. I god I am not mentally prepared for this. My father's drug addiction was the cause of why we had moved here. Doctors had warned us that if he kept this up he was sure to die. I took the ice from him and threw it away in the trash can. Hoping and wishing, he didn't have anymore. Stashed somewhere already.

An hour passed by fast so I got Pete's number and dialed it. It rung a few times before I heard his deep voice answer with a "Hey Ryan! Whats up?" I couldn't help but feel a little nervous talking to him.

"So what time does the movie start I asked." trying not to sound nervous. "7:30pm so you got 2 hours to get ready!" he said. "What about you?" I asked loosing part of my nervous tone. "I'm already ready been ready for the last 30 minutes." he said.

"Okay well I will pick you up around 7!" he said. "Okay well see you then!" I said.
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