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Sleeping Beauty

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There's a narrator in this chapter. I thought you guys deserved two chapters at once; enjoy =) Please review/rate!

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...I miss you, I miss you so far, and the collision of your kiss that made it so hard...

Arriving at Emma's house after what seemed like an eternity; Frank pulled up into her driveway and jumped out of the car, slamming the door behind him, not bothering to lock it.

He ran to the house and opened the door."Gee?" he called through the house, running from one room to another. "Gee!"

At the sound of his voice, Bob, Mikey, Ray and Emma ran out of the kitchen where they had been nervously discussing where Frank and Gerard could.

"Frank!" they all yelled, finding him in the living room, sweating from fear and stress.

"Where is he?" he asked the group, breathlessly.

"Gerard? You mean he isn't with you?" Ray asked, confused.

A feeling of dread came over them all as they realized the situation.

"No he's not! I left in your car," he cried out frantically, pointing at Emma, "and he was here when I left! Didn't you guys see him leave? The house isn't that big for Christ's sake!"

"We were all upstairs, Frank. We didn't hear you leave either," Bob said, looking anxious.

"He could be anywhere by now! And it's getting dark! We had a fight and I left! I left him alone! He was really upset... and after his depression... I came back as fast as I could when I realized what he could be doing..." He was pacing back and forth panic-stricken and on the verge of tears.

"Frank, please, calm down," Mikey took two quick steps up to him and grabbed is shoulders, forcing him to stay still and look at him. "It's okay, we'll find him. We just need to think where he could be right now."

"'s all my fault... if anything happens to him, I wouldn't be able to take it..." he continued, as if Mikey hadn't spoken.

"Frank!" he yelled in his face, shaking him slightly to get his attention. It finally worked and Frank stopped talking and listened to him. "We'll find him. Think where he could have gone."

"How about that park I used to take you guys to?" Emma suggested, after a few seconds of silence. "The one with the little trail into the forest? He really liked it the first time we went there. It's really quiet and it's not that far from here."

Mikey nodded and set out a plan. "Okay, me and Frank will walk over there... you'll have to come with us Emma, because I'm not sure I'll remember how to get there. We'll need a flashlight; it's probably really dark out there." Emma nodded in agreement and went to go find aflashlight. Mikey pointed at Bob and Ray and told them to use Emma's car and drive around the neighborhood incase Gerard was walking around somewhere.

They left the house divided into two groups and began the search. The car holding Bob and Ray, who was driving, backed out into the street and started on its way.

Mikey, Frank and Emma started their walk to the park taking long, quick steps, none of them saying a word.

Emma decided to break the silence and the tension by saying with a forced smile, "I'm sure he's alright. Don't worry, you'll see."

Mikey nodded but Frank just continued walking, lost in his own thoughts.

They continued for a bit more, looking around them incase he was laying around somewhere.

"I see the park," Mikey said.

Frank shot his head up and saw it too. He grabbed the flashlight from Emma's hand and ran, looking for the trail.

"Frankie! Wait up!" they called after him, but Frank couldn't wait and he was gone like a shot, being much faster than the two of them. He had to find Gee, had to see if he was okay, or if he was even there.

He found the trail and ran down it, with the other two trailing behind him. He turned on the flashlight; it was dark in there.

Just as he was about to step into the clearing where the picnic table was, he heard a crunching noise as he stepped on something, causing him to stop abruptly.

He picked his foot up and shined the flashlight on the object he had stepped on: shattered glass. Fuck.

He ran the few feet to the picnic table, glass crunching under his feet the whole time. He shown the light around him; there was glass everywhere. It was almost pitch black in there and he squinted his eyes to be able to see better, quickly focusing the light of the flash light from one spot to another.

Then he saw it.

On the other side of the picnic table, an object was lit up as he swept the area with the light of the flashlight.

It was a hand.

He sucked in air rapidly, ran to the other side of the picnic table, and dropped to his knees next to the body laying there. Gee.

He grabbed his hand and crouched close to Gerard's face. Gerard's face was turned to a side, which was full of tiny cuts and pieces of glass; he also had a cut on his forehead that he must have gotten when he blacked out and fell.

Frank turned his face upwards and began to slap it softly with his other hand. "Gee? Gee please, wake up, wake up!MIKEY!!" Desperation kicked in.

Frank picked up Gerard's head and moved his legs under it so that Gerard's head was resting on Frank's lap, and started stroking his hair, repeating his name the whole time. He gently stroked his cheek to remove the tiny pieces of glass that were stuck in the cuts they had made. "Gee, please...wake up... I need you to wake up..." he begged and kissed him softly on his cheeks and forehead.

Mikey and Emma ran into the opening, looking at their feet confused as they heard the crunching of the glass and calling out to Frank.

Mikey spotted him and ran over to him, dropping to his knees as Frank had done when he saw Frank sitting with Gerard's head on his lap as he stroked it.

Mikey quickly checked Gerard's pulse holding two fingers to his neck.

When he realized there was a pulse he let out a breath he didn't know he was holding.

"He's okay," he breathed out. Emma looked relieved but Frank didn't seem to hear him. "Frank, move your head, you can kiss him all you want later. I need to see him. Frank, move!"

He finally heard Mikey and lifted his head, but continued to hold on tightly to his hand.

Mikey examined him as best as he could with Frank in the way, checking to see if there were any serious injuries.

"Gee, wake up!" he yelled and began slapping his face as Frankie had done, lightly at first and then harder.

"Hey! Damn it, Mikey, stop it!" Frank yelled, grabbing Mikey's hand to stop him.

Mikey stared at him, breathing rapidly and said, "We have to take him to the house. He was obvious drinking..." he admitted sadly. "He must have gotten drunk and blacked out, judging by the shattered glass. He only has a few little cuts... he'll be fine," he finished, mostly talking to Emma, since Frank was back to concentrating on Gerard's face.

Mikey stood up and began discussing with Emma what they should do. He guessed that he and Frank could carry Gerard back to the house, but it would look a little odd for them to carry a body down the street. An ambulance was out; Gerard hating going to hospitals unless it was the last choice. Emma suggested trying to wake him up again.

"How can we wake him up? Slapping obviously isn't going to work and we don't have any water... I guess we'll have to carry him to the house, and forget about what other people think." Emma agreed.

Just as Mikey was going to tell Frank to help him get Gerard up, Frank slowly lowered his head to Gerard's face, holding both side with his hands, and gave him a gentle yet passionate kiss on the mouth.

Emma opened her mouth in surprise. Mikey stood and watched the two on the floor, also surprised but curious to see what would happen.

Finishing the intense kiss with soft kisses along his jawline, Frank raised his head slightly to look into Gerard's eyes. They were still closed.

Frank's eyes began to darken with disappointment, until he noticed that Gerard's eyelids fluttered a bit.

"Gee..." Frank whispered in disbelief with asmile growing on his face.

Gerard's eyes opened. He blinked a few times, confused of his whereabouts, and then saw big hazel eyes gazing at him with full bliss.

Frank saw those beautiful liquid green eyes look up at him, and felt like jumping for joy.

Gerard smiled at him, making Frank grin back.

Gerard leaned upwards a bit to hug Frank just as he bent down and wrapped his arms around Gerard.

They hugged tightly and laughed, happy that everyone was okay.

Frank whispered into Gerard's ear, "I'm sorry Gee, I'm so sorry for leaving you, for walking away from you..."

Gerard shook his head and said, "Baby, please, don't. It's alright, really, just forget it, okay?"

Frank nodded happily and hugged him tightly again.

Gerard looked over Frank's shoulder and saw Mikey and Emma, both of them with tears in their eyes from seeing such a sweet moment.

Both Frank and Gerard blushed slightly because of the public that they had forgotten, or in Gerard's case, didn't know was there.

They both stood up; Gerard got up with the help of Frank. Mikey ran up to give Gerard a big hug.

Gerard broke apart a bit to see his face and say, "I'm sorry, Mikey... I broke my promise... I didn't want to but..."

"Its okay, Gee, don't worry about it. We should have paid more attention to you; especially me, since I knew what you were going through..."

Gerard responded in giving him another hug, grateful the Mikey wasn't mad at him. "I love you, Mikes."

"I love you too," he whispered back.

When they finally broke apart, Emma went running over to give him a hug of her own. She was now crying openly, not being able to help herself after seeing the two different forms of affection between Frank and Gerard, and the two brothers.

"I'm so glad you're okay, Gee. Don't ever scare us like that again!" she laughed through tears, trying to wipe them away.

He gave her a kiss on the cheek, smiling.

Gerard put an arm around her and they all made their way slowly back to her house, through tears of happiness.

...and we'll love again, we'll laugh again, we'll cry again and we'll dance again. And it's better off this way, so much better off this way...

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