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i like boys. especially when they gyrate.

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Author's Note: Me oh my! It seems like it's been forever since I've updated. homework is a continual bitch, but yet again i've found ways of procrastinating that allow me to write and also finish homework. Hurrah!

As usual this chapter is dedicated to:

They be recieving smiley face stickers and meowing Patrick Stumps in the mail.

18: m a l e e n t e r t a i n m e n t

Soap's POV

As I sat in the lounge area of the bus, I didn't know what to do with myself. Cobra left for an interview/photo shoot with Blender, meaning that I'd be alone on the bus for a while. With nothing else better to do, I reached for my laptop and turned it on.

After checking my e-mail and updating my myspace, I headed over to the Fall Out Boy message boards.

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dear boardies,
sorry for my lack of updates, but the tour's been pretty hectic lately. the new clandestine shirt sums it up pretty well: "live eat sleep party die."
life on the bus has been interesting to say the least. videogames until 2am, breakfast at noon, concert, repeat. kind of smelly due to the lack of adequate showering facilities on the bus, but we all deal with it in our own ways. (wetnaps = salvation)
hope to meet some of you guys at the shows.
btw: do not play poker with gabe. he'll end up leaving with all your merch money and then some.

After posting, I didn't have to wait long for a response.
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long time no post. glad to hear that the tour's going well. you probably don't remember, but I met you at the merch booth after the indianapolis show. anyways, tell the boys I said hi and that Indiana can't wait to see them again.
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i'll be sure to tell the guys you said hi.
psh, you underestimate my memory span. i remember you. brunette with the cute polka dot shirt. ;P
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hey sophie! i stalk your posts, no joke. anyways, us boardies have been noticing a lot of pics of you and gabe floating around on the web. Y/N: you guys are dating.
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N. though gabe is a sexy beast, he and i are merely friends who enjoy camera whoring together.
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i saw you at my show. on behalf of the state of michigan, i'd like to thank you for designing pete's jeans. seeing his unicorn boxers was the highlight of the concert. i posted footage on youtube if anyone's interested.
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glad to hear that my work is appreciated. XP
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omg! you're on tour with FOB? How did you manage that?
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sophie's been friends with FOB ever since they were in kindergarten.
notorious for pulling pranks and kicking ass at video games, she's pretty much the envy of all the boardies because of her relationship with the band. but, we all love her because she keeps us posted on everything that goes on during tour and from what i've heard, she's really sweet in person.
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i met her at BC/UD. super nice. she took a picture of me and Dirty and we talked for a while at the merch booth.
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aww, shucks. you guys are making me blush.
like peyton and lisa said, you can usually find me at the merch booth after a show.
other than vicky-t, i don't have any girls to talk to on tour, so conversation with y

My train of thought was derailed by my cell phone.

G-A-B-E gonna get you high. My light is electric...

"Hola senorita!"
"Hey Gabe, what's up?"
"Oh, nothing... Just wondering if the strippers have arrived yet."
"Wait, what?"
"Well you didn't think we'd leave you alone on the bus without entertainment, did you?"

Sudden knocking at the door caught my attention.

Oh God.

"Gaaaabe, what did you do?" I asked, making my way towards the door. Knowing him, he wasn't joking about the strippers.

Opening the door, I was greeted by four attractive brunettes.

"Hey Soap!" Brendon said, inviting himself onto the bus. Spencer, Ryan and Jon followed suit.
"Um, hey guys," I said, shutting the door.

"They're here," I chuckled into the phone. "Talk to you later, Gabe."
"Have fun!"

I put my phone away and reclaimed my seat on the couch.

"Wutcha doin?" Ryan asked, taking a look at the screen.
"Just updating the boardies."
"Oooh tell them I said hi!"
"Haha, okay."
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aww, shucks. you guys are making me blush.
like mckenzie and lisa said, you can usually find me at the merch booth after a show.
other than vicky-t, i don't have any girls to talk to on tour, so conversation with you boardies is always appreciated.

well, I have to be on my way. gabe sent some strippers over to keep me company. the one named ryro sends his regards. XP

With that I shut down the laptop and shifted my attention to the boys in the room.

"What do you guys wanna do?"
"Make out?" Brendon suggested.

I smirked and leaned toward him. "In your dreams, Urie," I whispered, before getting up.
"Ugh, you're such a tease," he said.
"Seriously, do you guys have any ideas?" I asked, as Brendon stuck out his bottom lip.
"You have a Wii, right?" Jon asked.
"Well, what are we waiting for?"

I set up the console and before long, all five of us were engaged in a heated game of bowling.

"Another strike! Hell yeaaah!" Spencer said.
Brendon rolled his eyes. "Just you wait, I'll take you down."

He took his turn and only managed to knock down 6 pins.

"What's that about taking me down?" Spencer taunted.
"Shut up," Brendon quietly said.

Jon went next, getting a spare. Ryan knocked down 7. I got a strike, tying the score with Spencer.

Just as Spencer released the ball, there was a knock at the door.

"Aww, fuck! I want a redo!" he said as the ball headed toward the gutter.
"No redo! That's your own fault!" Ryan said.
"I can't control people who knock on doors!"

While they continued fighting, I got up and answered the door. Three police officers were on the other side.

"Hello officers," I said, cautiously. "How can I help you?"
"We're here to investigate a domestic disturbance call," the first officer said, stepping past me and onto the bus.
“Domestic disturbance? But there’s nothing--” The second officer brushed past me and took a look around.
"Ma‘am, we got a call reporting that a young female woman was disturbing neighbors.”
“With what?” I asked. The closest neighbors were at least a block away from the bus.
“With excessive sexiness," he said, ripping off his shirt.

My eyes went wide as the third "officer" turned on a stereo and started taking his own clothes off.

As the music played, the guys stopped arguing and turned around, just in time to see me getting sandwiched by two of the "policemen."

"Woah!" Spencer said, dropping his controller.
"What the fuck's going on?" Ryan asked, laughing.
"My virgin eyes!" Brendon said.
"Psh, since when are you a virgin?" Jon asked.

"Guys, a little help?" I asked, still sandwiched between 2 gyrating men.

Instead of helping, they decided to join the fun. Brendon turned up the music and took off his shirt. The others soon followed suit, and I found myself in the middle of a half-naked sausage fest.

"C'mon, Soap! Live a little!" Ryan said, tossing me my wallet.
"Yeah, they're working hard for their money."

I took out a single and tucked it into the stripper's almost nonexistent underwear. He smiled and continued dancing.

Vicky's POV

"Hey Sophie!" I said as we made our way onto the bus "We're ba--"

The rest of the sentence died in my throat while my eyes went wide at the scene before me.

Jon, Spencer, Ryan and Brendon were all half-naked, sitting on the couch alongside 3 really buff guys wearing almost nonexistent underwear, while a fully-clothed Sophie was taking her turn at Wii bowling.

"Oh hey Vicky!" she said, turning around.
"Hey..." I said. She noticed my confusion and walked over towards me.

"Vicky, I'd like you to meet the guys: Danny, Franco and George. Guys, this is Vicky."
"Hi Vicky," they said in unison.

"Woah!" Ryland said as he walked into the room.
"What the?" Alex said, doing a double-take.
Nate just stood there, puzzled.

"Aww, sweet! Half-naked bowling!" Gabe said, taking off his shirt.

Boardies, half-naked boys and gyrating policemen. What's next?

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