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like fire & ice

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Author's Note: Thanks for being so patient with the updates. I would have posted sooner, but YWT kept me preoccupied over the weekend. Meet & Greet was fun. Charlie was there (even though he quit). He was an asshole, but I mean that in the funniest/best way. Cute and PWT were alright. GCH blew me away. Fall Out Boy was FUCKING AMAZING. I cannot stress how great they sound live. Check out my facebook ( or buzznet( for pictures.

Anyways, sloppy love jingles and an acousstic version of 'Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner' go out to:

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19: y o u c a n ’ t b e m i s s e d i f y o u n e v e r g o a w a y

Andy's POV

In my hand is a cell phone.

For the past 3 hours I've been staring at its screen.
For the past 3 hours I've had the same name highlighted.

The only thing separating Sophie and I was the call button.

I sat there contemplating what I would say. Whenever I'd replay our last conversation in my head, all I could remember was the hurt look on her face. I'm not the first person to get jealous over something stupid, but I felt especially idiotic. I mean, I accused her of cheating on me with Gabe Saporta. The same Gabe Saporta who said cheating bitches and sons of bitches go to cobra hell.

I really am a douchebag.

Sophie is one of the most amazing people I've ever met-- energetic, funny as fuck, thoughtful and most importantly, honest. As much as I want to fix things with her, our relationship isn't going to be the same... And to be honest, I'm not sure if I want it to.

I love Sophie.
But I'm not sure that I'm in love with her.

Sighing, I set my phone down on the table in front of me. As if on cue, it rang once it made contact with the wood.

So kiss me goodbye. Honey, I'm gonna make it out alive.

Snakes on a Plane. I set that as her ringtone because she shared her name with the movie's acronym: S.o.a.P.

After William repeated the chorus a second time, I decided to pick up.

"Andy, we need to talk."

Soap's POV

"Yeah, I know..." he said. “I was an asshole. I don’t even know why I blew up like that. I mean, Gabe Saporta? What the fuck was I thinking?"
"I’ve been trying to figure that out too..." She quietly said.

Insert awkward silence here.

"I should get straight to the point," I said, sighing. "Where exactly do we stand? Where do you want to go from here?"
"I want things to be okay between us."
"‘Okay’ as in getting back together?"

He sighed, then yet another awkward silence floated between us.

Andy didn’t need to say anything. His lack of words spoke for him.

"Same here," I quietly said.

Over the past three weeks on the Cobra Starship bus, I’d had a lot of time to think. Andy and I had built our relationship on the ‘opposites attract’ concept, but the more that I thought about it, we were a bit too different to function as a couple.

Awkward silence number two.

“So where do we go from here?”
“I don’t know,” he said, hesitantly. “...But the guys and I really miss you.”
“I miss you, too.”

He sighed.

“I know it’s a lot to ask, but do you wanna hang out with us today? I totally understand if you don’t want to, but--”
“No, I’d love to,” I said, cutting him off. “When should I come over?”
“Actually, do you think you could stop by right now?”
“Yeah, just gimme a few minutes.”
“Okay, see you soon.”
“Bye, Andy.”

Flipping my phone shut, I headed to the bathroom. After applying some eyeliner, I swiped on some lip gloss and headed out the door.

“Where are you off to?” Gabe asked as I slipped on my shoes.
“Just gonna hang out with Andy and them.”

He looked at me curiously, eyes brimming with unasked questions.

“I’ll call you if there’s any trouble,” I said, sensing his worry. He nodded and gave me a half-hug.
“Have fun.”

As I walked toward their bus, I could already hear yelling.


I quietly laughed at Dirty’s taunting, then knocked on the door. Nobody seemed to hear it over all the commotion. Turning the knob, I found that it was unlocked.

Upon opening the door, Hemmingway ran up to my feet and started barking.

“SOPHIE!” Joe yelled, turning away from the television screen. He shot up from the couch and wrapped me in a bear hug. “God, we really missed you.”
“I missed you, too,” I said as he pulled away.

“Welcome back,” Andy said, offering me a smile.
“Thanks,” I said, returning the sentiment.

Joe ushered me towards the couch, right between Dirty and Pete.

“You can take my place,” he said, handing his controller to me. “I’m kinda tired anyways.”
“More like you lost horribly and now you want Sophie to fight for your honor,” Pete commented.
“Shut up.”
“I’m just saying...” Pete said, holding his hands up in defense.
“Don’t worry, Joe. I’ll kick his ass,” I said.
“That’s awfully big talk from such a little girl.”
“That’s an awfully big ego for such a little p33n,” I said, smirking.

The guys burst into laughter while Pete seethed next to me.

“Haha, very funny,” he said, sarcasm dripping his voice.

“Oh crap!” Dirty yelled as his character showed up on my map. I chuckled and started running toward the red blip in the corner of me screen. After going down a ramp and picking up a new weapon, I spotted him in the corner of the lower level.

A red tint came over the screen as I slashed Dirty to pieces.

“Shit,” he said in frustration, then tossed the controller to the floor.

One down, two to go.

After scouring the rest of the lower level for Andy and Pete, I went back up the ramp and tried my luck there. As I walked into a small room, another red blip appeared in the corner of my screen, but quickly disappeared. I walked out and turned right. Surely enough, the red blip reappeared. I quickly followed it to the end of the hall. Pete rapidly started pressing buttons on his controller, killing my character.

I had 2 lives left, so I guess it was okay.

While I restarted, Andy found Pete and attacked, reducing his number of lives to one. I glanced at their screens trying to figure out where they were, but it all looked the same. Then I noticed that a fountain was in the background of Andy’s character. I picked up a new weapon and ran down the ramp. I caught a glimpse of him as he hid behind a wall. Soon enough, I cornered him and started attacking. He died, and the competition was down to Pete and I.

He pulled his feet onto the couch and started jumping around while I scooted forward, onto the edge of my seat. Pete picked up an invisibility power, meaning that he wouldn’t show up on my radar.

Instead of looking for something I couldn’t track, I decided to let him come to me. After walking to the center of a room, I stood there and waited.

At first, he didn’t take the bait. Lucky for me, Pete has the patience of a 5-year old. Guns blazing, he stormed into the room. I dodged most hits and used my weapons upgrades to kick his ass.


Pete groaned in frustration, dropping his controller to the floor.

Damn, I forgot how fun this was.

Andy & Soap are finished, but that doesn't mean that the story's over. I've only just begun. -insert evil laugh here-

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