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Ash to Ashley

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A cross-dressing scemes fails at Celadon Gym and Ash is transforms to a real girl called Ashley. Gender Bender Bending Male to Female TG Transformation

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Chapter 1: Cross-dressing for Celadon Gym
Author's Note: This fanfiction will be more like the 1st generation Pokemon games. This will not quite be like the series so this Ash Ketchum is only on the journey to be a Pokemon master with Pikachu on this side. Brock and Misty are pretty much staying at their Pokemon Gyms waiting for other Trainers to challenge them. So no further ado, here is the story.
Pokemon Trainer Ash Ketchum is pretty proud that he now got 3 Gym Badges so far for his journey to become the Pokemon Master. Pikachu is on his shoulder pretty happy taking a ride there to relax its feet. Pikachu dislikes being in a Pokeball and hangs out with Ash all the time as a close friend.
The 2 travelers made it to Celadon City. It was quite a city to both Ash's and Pikachu's eyes. There was a ton of buildings and some tall ones. Ash saw there was a Game Corner there but decided to past for now since gambling is not a good way to spend money. And then Ash got his sites on the huge Pokemon Shopping center. "Come on Pikachu, I feel like we should shop here before going for the next Gym challenge" said Ash. The 2 went inside.
Ash had some money to burn and had a few items he did not need and sold them for more cash to spend on stuff at the place. Ash bought some Pokeballs to catch more Pokemon to fill up his Pokedex. He bought a few potions and some other healing items just in case for the battle. Ash went upstairs and saw more interesting stuff like Tms to teach moves to Pokemon. Then Ash found a shop that was selling evolution stones. Ash bought a Thunder Stone and then tried to use it on Pikachu. Pikachu refused to be evolved by the stone and almost got mad and shock Ash. The Ash decided to sell back the Thunder stone and got half of his money back. Ash apologized to Pikachu.
After shopping for a while, Ash and Pikachu headed for Celadon Gym to face the Gym leader there. They got outside the Gym. They saw some old man peeking in the Gym and was pretty much a dirty old man looking at the pretty girls. Ash looked inside. Indeed he saw only girls in the gym and no male in site. It did not seem welcoming for any males to go in the Gym at all. "Well Pikachu, I think I will have to come up with a plan to get in there" said Ash and then walked up.
The 2 found a nice clothing store there. Ash got an idea and went inside. Ash went to the girl's clothes section and found a nice dress to wear. And then he got a bra and some panties as well. And then he found a wig to wear. Then Ash went into the dressing room in change. After a well Ash came out and did not look half bad looking like a girl. Then Ash thought something was messing. Ash then got himself a purse to match the outfit and then got some make-up and some perfume. Then Ash went to the check out place for what he was wearing and such. Then Ash was thinking Pikachu did not look right for the place. Ash asked for some ribbons from the cashier lady for Pikachu. The Cashier lady thought Ash looked strange but did not ask and then told Ash the Pikachu is a female. So it worked well for Pikachu and Pikachu felt pretty wearing ribbons on herself. Then Ash paid for everything and walked out.
Before going to far, Ash began putting on make-up on his face and looked in the mirror. Ash actually had no trouble putting on the lipstick and then put on some powder on his face. And then sprayed perfumed on himself. Ash even a boy looked actually really pretty with all the girl stuff on himself. Even some guys were looking at him fooled by it, and thankful did not go after him. "I hope this plan works Pikachu" said Ash as the 2 headed to Celadon Gym.
To Be Continued...
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