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My Warped Tour '05 Romance

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Roxanne Way goes on the Warped Tour with her brother's and their band and meets her favorite band ever, Fall Out Boy, and finds herself slowly falling for a certain lead singer.

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Eyeyearoh1031: Roxy?
MusikX3Misery: Frankie?
Eyeyearoh1031: No, Gerard.
MusikX3Misery: Seriously?
Eyeyearoh1031: No
MusikX3Misery: Thought not.
Eyeyearoh1031: Yeah, anyway. Speaking of Gerard, he wants you to pack your stuff and be ready to go in 30 minutes.
MusikX3Misery: Will do.
Eyeyearoh1031: Make sure you bring your guitar.
MusikX3Misery: Mmmhmm.
Eyeyearoh1031: And your lap top.
MusikX3Misery: Ok
Eyeyearoh1031: Oh yeah and your-
MusikX3Misery: Frankie.
Eyeyearoh1031: Yes?
MusikX3Misery: I can’t pack with you still IMing me.
Eyeyearoh1031: Oh. Sorry. Catch you in 25.
MusikX3Misery: Bye.

MusikX3Misery has signed off.

Twenty year-old Roxanne Way rolled her eyes as she closed her laptop. Frankie was like the energizer bunny; he keeps going, and going, and going. She giggled at the thought.
“Anyway, let’s see. Shorts? Check. T-shirts? Check. Jeans? Check. Underwear? Yup. Sock and shoes? Mmhmm,” Roxanne spoke to herself as she made sure her suit case was packed. Once she was sure that what is held was sufficient, she moved the case next to her door beside her duffel bag. She bent down next to bag to place her laptop inside. As she did a lock of her long dark brown hair fell over her thick rimmed black glasses. Once the offending lock was put back in it’s place she placed her laptop and USB chord into the bag and zipped it up. Looking around her room she did a quick scan to make sure she hadn’t left anything. Once she was sure nothing important was left she picked up her duffel, suitcase, and guitar case and walked down stairs.

As she neared the bottom step she heard her mom speaking to someone. Rounding the corner she stopped and sat down her guitar case and placed her hand on her hip.
“Hey. Gee. Thought it was gonna be about 30 minutes,” she said with a laugh as Gerard flinched.
“Damn. You startled me. Yeah, well Frank. Let’s just leave it at Frank, ok?” Gerard replied as he walked over and hugged his sister, “ You ready?”
Roxanne nodded, “Yup. Bye mom. See you in several months,” she said hugging her mom.
“Bye. Love you. Gerard watch her and vise versa,” Donna Way replied as two of her children rolled their eyes.
Gerard took the suitcase from her and lead the way to the black van sitting in the driveway. Once all her items were in the back of the van she was about to ride shotgun but she was beat by a smirking Gerard .
Rolling her eyes she opened the side door and got in where she was enthusiastically greeted by the band. Once the door was shut, Mikey pulled out of the driveway and they started for the airport.
“Roxy, it seems like it’s been forever since I’ve seen you last,” Ray said pulling her into a hug.
“Same here guys. You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting for today,” Roxanne said.

“I bet,” Mikey said from the drivers seat.

“So who are some of the bands playing this year’s Warped Tour,” Roxanne asked?

“Um, the All-American Rejects, Saosin, Good Charlotte,” Gerard began as he ticked them off on his fingers.

“And Fall Out Boy,” Frank replied from Roxanne’s right.

“OH MY GOD ARE YOU FREAKING SERIOUS!”, she practically yelled while partially deafening My Chem.

“Sheesh Rox. Bust my eardrums why don’t you,” Mikey said looking at her in the rearview mirror.

“Sorry. But are you serious? Fall Out Boy is gonna be playing?”

“Yes,” Gerard turned around in his seat to look at her, “Your not going to go all fan girl on them are you? The last thing they need is another groupie especially my baby sister.”

“Why would I do that,” Roxanne began as all five guys around her raised their eyebrows, “No seriously. That’s not cool.”

“We’re here,” Mikey said pulling into a parking spot and getting out.

“Everybody: out and grab your stuff,” Gerard announced from the passenger seat.
Roxanne got out after Frankie , gathered her stuff, and followed the guys to the plane.

Once everyone and everything was on the plane Roxanne found a window seat and sat down. Not long after she was joined by Alicia Simmons, Mikey’s girlfriend. Roxanne smiled at the other woman who returned the smile.
Looking down at the tour date sheet in her hand Roxanne noted that the first show was in California. Deciding to take a nap she adjusted her seat and looking at the sheet in her hand muttered “California, here we come.”
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