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Pomona, California

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Pomona, California

The plane landed hours later at an airport where My Chem’s bus sat waiting for it’s occupants to arrive. Jet-lagged the band, Alicia, and Roxanne made their way to the bus where bunks were called.

“Top bunk,” Frank announced.

“Bottom,” replied Bob.

“Doesn’t matter,” Ray replied.

“Bed,” Roxanne said pushing her way through several band members, only to have Gerard catch her by the collar.

“Nope. Mikey and Alicia have the main bed since their together. You are gonna sleep next to me on the other bottom bunk,” he said.

Roxanne’s look of revulsion made everyone laugh.

“I HAVE to sleep next to you?”

“Unless you wanna sleep on the couch, because Frank and Ray have top and Bob and I have the bottom bunks.”

Roxanne rolled her eyes and threw her stuff on a bottom bunk.

“Ok, but I sleep next to the wall,” she replied as she walked back out into the front of the bus where Martin, their driver, sat.

“Hey Martin, what’s happening,” she greeted sitting down next to the driver’s seat.

“Hey Roxy. Didn’t know you were comin with. Eh pretty good. You,” the man asked.

“About the same. Since I graduated college I’m kinda bored.”

“And you graduated high school at 15 and college at 19 again, how?”

“Because she’s a smart kid, Marty, unlike you,” Gerard responded as he sat down on a couch and lit a cigarette.

“Ha ha, funny Gee. Anyway, everyone on? Ok, good. We’re about 25 minutes away from the fairgrounds.”

“Hey Marty, can I drive?”
Everyone else’s response?


Roxanne crossed her arms and pretended to pout.

“Gosh, you don’t have to be so mean about it.”

At half past eleven that night, everyone was asleep. Except Roxanne. She lay in her shared bunk with her brother and logged onto her instant messengers.

Shifting the lap top slightly she accidentally on purpose hit Gerard who in response let out a slight snore. Roxanne rolled her eyes. Once her AIM account came up she checked to see if anyone was on at this hour. There was. It was her best friend, Izzy Hughes.

MusikX3Misery: Iz?
HurricaneIzzy: Roxy!
MusikX3Misery: LOL What’s happening?
HurricaneIzzy: Eh, nothing much. U?
MusikX3Misery: Listening to Gerard snore.
HurricaneIzzy: He snores loud.
MusikX3Misery: Tell me about it. He’s practically in my ear.
HurricaneIzzy: Un. Sucks you have to share a bunk.
MusikX3Misery: For serious. BTW, guess who’s playing at Warped?
HurricaneIzzy: The Used?
MusikX3Misery: Yes, but Bert scares me….FALL OUT BOY!
HurricaneIzzy: Are you serious?
MusikX3Misery: Does Gerard snore like a damn I don’t know what?
HurricaneIzzy: Squeeee!
MusikX3Misery: LOL, I know. Hey I gotta go. I’m getting sleepy and I know it’s like 3 in the morning over there.
HurricaneIzzy: LOL, ok girl. TTYL
MusikX3Misery: Later

Roxanne checked her mail before finally shutting it down and placing it under her pillow. That is after she pushed Gerard off of it first.

The next morning Roxanne woke up before her brother, therefore having to crawl over him. No easy task unless you wanted to fall in the floor. Carefully picking up her laptop she walked into the front of the bus.

“Wow, no one’s up yet. Surprising,” she muttered to herself as she found her duffel bag and took out a change of clothes. Silently she walked to the bathroom to change.
When she came out several minutes later she had on a pair of worn but very comfortable jeans, a purple Happy Bunny shirt , and her favorite pair of checkerboard Vans.

Happy with her appearance, she picked up her messenger bag and placed her laptop in it. She left a note for the guys on the counter and got off the bus.
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