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My Elegy Ode

by darks00 3 reviews

Julius' thoughts on his parent's deaths.

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I still remember that day
When someone had to tell me
That you've gone away
Your spirit was set free

That you will never come back again
You left this world behind you
You life had came to an end
And there's nothing I can do

I helplessly look at the sky
Wondering where you are
No matter how hard I try
You're so far away, so far

Your presence still lingers here
You haunt my every waking hour
Making Death my fear
Now the world's turned sour

The world stopped turning that day
I just wanted to die to be with you
Sometimes I still think that way
Causing me to be blue

No matter what the say
I know in away you're still alive
The dead aren't gone in a way
I know you're still with me in life

Yet I can't see you there
I can't feel you anymore
You're not among the living here
Only in spirit forever more

You're not forgotten
I will always remember you
Your life will never go rotten
You're always with me whatever I do

I just wish I could say good-bye
Before you left me and the rest
Before you died
But maybe it's for the best

...For I wouldn't have let you go

But it's too late
You're gone
Beyond the cemetary gate
What's done is done
I know you're spirit will live on

As I leave the cemetary behind me
I tear rolls down my cheeks
And all I see
Is the look of defeat

This is my good-bye to you
I hope you can hear it whever you are
This is my elegy ode to you
Good-bye, I know we'll meet again

Meet again once I meet Death
After my last breath
After the fear
And the final tear

But it will be worth it
...To see you again


xxDarkness' Kidxx
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