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Gimme More

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‘We can get down like there's no one around We'll keep on rockin' (Keep on rockin'),’ She fell ontop of him and unbuckled his belt, succeeding.

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Chapter 15: Gimme More

Brooke fiddled with her hair during History class, and as usual wasn’t taking any care of what she was learning. Her eyes fell to the blond boy sitting directly in front of her, checking his good looks in a golden mirror. His skin, perfectly tanned, almost seemed to glow with his pearly white teeth and golden locks. She never really realized just how…vain he was.
I mean he thinks the whole world is about him, she thought, drumming her fingers on the desk. Well, it kinda is, but it’s not like he has to brag about it. Didn’t I see him in that underwear ad? Or was it for diapers? Oh what the hell at least he looked hot. Why aren’t I with him? Jay says that he’s completely self-centered and vain and conceited, but also insanely lucky, but who wouldn’t be all those things if they looked that good? She lightly bit her lip and flung her pencil across to beside his chair. She waited for him to pick it up for her but he only glanced down at it and continued admiring himself in the mirror. Brooke therefore was forced to crawl down on her hands and knees and picked up the pencil, lightly brushing his arm and sexually stole a fleeting look at the boy. He, in return, gave her a sexy smirk. She allowed him to watch as she swaggered back to her seat, but he did not even steal a glance. She sat back in her chair, frowning, and groaned somewhat quietly.
How could he not have noticed that? She wondered angrily. I mean did he even see that swagger? Even if he was gay then he still would have checked this out. Is he gay? He certainly takes enough care of himself to seem like it…
‘Ms Kingston?’
‘Yes Mrs. Weinstock? She answered quickly.
‘Your answer please?’
‘Um, E=Mc squared?’ Brooke said confidently.
Mrs Weinstock raised an eyebrow and pursed her thin lips.
‘This is English.’ She snapped.
‘Oh,’ Brooke said with wide eyes and laughed. ‘Right, so I’ll just be going to the Principle’s office—’
‘Oh well now that’s unnecessary Ms Kingston, you can just come to detention this afternoon and there we will decide your punishment—’
‘No really Mrs Weinstock, I wouldn’t want to put any trouble or impose so I’ll see you later, bye!’
Brooke sprinted out of the room with all of her things.
An early end to the day, she thought as she swaggered out of the building.
Of course she had no real intention of going to the principles office, in fact she was going to pay a little trip to the mall and buy some outfits for Jay to see her in. Theresa was going to be so jealous!

Jay was quietly doing his homework on the table in front of the TV. It wasn’t on, of course, because that would disrupt the work. Herry was out at the movies with Neil and Atlanta, Archie was, well, Jay didn’t really know what was up with him lately. Odie was out with his girlfriend Chelsea and Theresa was probably at the mall. According to Brooke’s friends, Brooke was out at a party, which may or may not have alcohol. Jay set down his pencil and ran his fingers through his hair and dragged his hands down his face. Jay sighed and shook his head.
‘God Brooke I hope you’re not drinking and driving.’ He wished aloud.
A knock sounded from the door and he turned his head to face it. He ruefully sat up and trudged over to the door. He opened it to find Brooke standing up against the door entrance and looking dizzy. She wore a long coat and high heels that looked painful to walk around in.
‘Jay, I need to tell you something,’ her words were slurred. She was drunk.
‘You’re drunk, aren’t you Brooke?’ Jay said more of a statement than an actual question.
‘I have something to tell you Jay,’ she said, her words barely understandable. ‘We’ve been at this whole, relationship thing for a while now and we haven’t even had sex yet! I want things to go faster!’
‘I think that things are going at a pretty normal pace in my opinion—’
‘Gimme more Jay, I want more!’ She was laughing hysterically as she pushed him, with incredible force, onto the couch, cracking his pencil.
‘I don’t want to hurt you Brooke—’
‘Oh, don’t worry Jay, let me.’

‘It's Brookie, bitch,
I see you, and I just wanna dance with you,’ She caressed his neck with soft kisses and giggled.
‘Every time they turn the lights down,’ she sang as she whispered in his ear.
‘Just wanna go that extra mile for you,’ her fingers snaked over to the buckle of his belt but he sat up and let her fall to his legs
‘You got public display of affection
Feel's like no one else in the room, but you.’

She stood up and glided over to the other side of the living room and leaned up against the wall.

‘We can get down like there's no one around
We'll keep on rockin', we'll keep on rockin',
We'll keep on rockin', keep on rockin',’

She slowly swaggered in an overly-sexual fashion over to him as she sang.

‘Cameras are flashing while we're dirty dancing
They keep watchin', they keep watchin',
Keep watchin
Feels like the crowd is saying,

‘Gimme gimme more
Gimme more,’ she clutched the collar of his shirt and began tearing it off his body, giving the fabric several rips.
‘Gimme gimme more
Gimme gimme more
Gimme,’ she pushed him up against the door, now closed, and grunted in slight pain. ‘Uh,
‘Gimme gimme more
Gimme gimme more
Gimme more,’ sahe sang as she nibbled on his ear, to kissing his lips.
‘Gimme gimme more
Gimme gimme more
Gimme, uh,
Gimme gimme more,’

Jay tried to push her off, clearly she was out of her mind, but he didn’t want to hurt her whilst she as wasted. Brooke would not budge.

‘A center of attention,’ Jay finally got her off and she slumped against the wall.
‘Can you feel that?
Even when they're up against the wall,’ she fell up against the wall again and tore off her long coat.
‘You got me in a crazy position, yeah,’ Jay’s eyes widened. He was shocked, and not sure to be turned on, or scared.
I can handle Cronos, he thought, so I can handle drunk Brooke Kingston, right?
‘If you're on a mission, uh-uh,’ she walked towards his and, for the second time, pushed him onto the couch.
‘You got my permission,

‘We can get down like there's no one around
We'll keep on rockin' (Keep on rockin'),’ She fell ontop of him and unbuckled his belt, succeeding.
‘We'll keep on rockin', rockin', Brooke giggled.

‘Cameras are flashing while we're dirty dancing
They keep watchin', wait,’ she unzipped his jeans.
‘Keep watchin,
Feel's like the crowd is saying,’

‘Okay Brooke, that’s enough,’ Jay started, but was cut off by lips on his.

‘Gimme gimme more
Gimme more,’ she slowly pulled his jeans off, mid-kiss.
‘Gimme gimme more
Gimme gimme more
Gimme (Uh)
Gimme gimme more
Gimme gimme more
Gimme more, The pants were almost off and Jay was almost completely unaware.
‘Gimme gimme more
Gimme gimme more
Gimme (Uh)
Gimme gimme more,

‘I just can't control myself, oh,’ The jeans were off, showing his light blue boxers.
‘You want more? Well I'll give you more, oh!

Brooke giggled and caressed his neck again.

‘Gimme gimme more
Gimme more!’ She began straddling him.
Gimme gimme more (Gimme more)
Gimme gimme more
Gimme (Uh)
Gimme gimme more (Ooh),’ she maoned in pleasure as he whipped himself out from under her but her hold on him was stronger.
‘Gimme gimme more
Gimme more
Gimme gimme more
Gimme gimme more, gimme more, oh yeah,’ Eventually her grip on him loosened for a second and he jumped up from her.
‘Gimme, uh,
Gimme gimme more,

‘Ohh, gimme more, gimme more (More)
Gimme more, gimme more baby
I just wanna more,’ She held him by the arms again and fumbled off his socks with her toes, however covered in fish-net stockings.

‘Gimme gimme
Gimme gimme more
Gimme gimme
Gimme (Ooh)
Gimme gimme more,’ She held him and pushed her pelvis into his.
‘Gimme gimme
Gimme gimme more
Gimme gimme
Gimme (Ooh)
Gimme gimme—’

The door opened to show her, gasped to see Brooke, in a smutty police woman Halloween outfit.
Theresa screamed, ‘Jay! What the hell are you doing?’
Brooke and Jay stared as he struggled out of her grasp.
‘Bet you didn't see this one coming,’ Brooke snickered. ‘The incredible Jay!’
‘And the legendary Miss Brooke Kingston,’ Theresa cried with dry cheeks. ‘Ha ha, yah right. And the unstoppable danger that she is.’
‘Ha, you gonna have to remove me,’ Brooke laughed.
Cause I ain't goin' no where, ha ha. More—’
‘That’s enough Brooke!’ Jay exclaimed and leapt out from underneath her. ‘Theresa wait—shit,’ He added as his pants fell to his ankles but he finally caught up with he slight figure. ‘Theresa you don’t understand!’
‘Oh I understand perfectly clearly Jay and I don’t ever want to see you again! I hate you!’ She shrieked and ran off to her car, turned on the engine and drove off into the moonlit streets.
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