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The Invitation (Chapter 16)

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Annie's and Richard's point of view throughout the whole adventure, during their fifth year at Hogwarts. Annie, Richard and their friends have their own stories as well, just wait and see, how much...

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I walk down the second floor hall; it was nearly three (3) P.M when I check my wrist watch to concrete. My feet pounds on the floor, making small noises resound every time I give a step.
“Someone asked you already, Annie?” asks Danity, her glowing blue eyes glancing over at me as I try to lower mine, just maybe, she would not gasp in amazement when I’d tell her my answer. I back up a little, and shake my head from one side to the other.
“No one has dared, not even Scorpious,” I respond, wrinkling my eyes as I giggle. It wasn’t funny at all, but it was not really me if I showed her I was weak right now. People had said that Scorpious Malfoy was going to ask me to go to the Yule Ball with him, but I wasn’t so sure after two days had gone by (Professor Deader had announced the Yule Ball on Monday, it was now Wednesday.)
“How about you Danni, someone asked you already?” I ask, maybe
Questioning her back would not make her ask why none had asked me.
“Marcus …” She answers, as she smiles gently. I take my hands to my mouth and gasp. Marcus Faladay was the BMOC of the school, he was the Big Man on Campus every girl had a crush on, but accidentally, not me; and I was glad he was not my type.
“Lucky you,” I say, looking at Danity and smiling gently at her; she disserved a good man by her side; she had suffered too much to suffer more . “You’re a really cool girl, no matter what; he’ll be just a fly in the world compared to you, at the Yule Ball.”
I liked making her smile, especially because she was my best friend. No matter what, she was always there for me, and I was there for her.
We continued walking down the moving stair cases, until reaching the dungeon, where the Potion class was held.
“He’s not that big deal though,” she continues saying to me, she was talking about Scorpious. “He’s having a big look at you whenever he can. He won’t take that much to ask you, Annie, you know he will.”
“He won’t, he’s been hiding from me, at least, he won’t right now, fifth grade Slytherins all have the same class now,” I giggle, as we enter the classroom. It was a little darker than it was outside, it was colder, and it was Snape’s.
“Almost late girls,” said Snape as we come in. He looked older now; white stripes of hair covered a great portion of his greasy, jet black head.
“Sorry Professor,” I spoke. I didn’t want to go tripping into Snape’s path right now, it was too early to do so, but I knew he wasn’t either. We had these communications; he had been a good friend of my parents before they banished from this world. I was a good student of his. My grades are impressively high in this course, no wonder why he can’t stop saying it to the rest of his students.
“Not to worry Mrs. Lupin,” answered Snape, I noticed his eyes wrinkle a little, was he smiling? Something you don’t see very often. I smile back at him.
He had rejected the Defense Against the Dark Arts teaching post some years ago because of its small curse . He had also mentioned he had rejected it because of personal past events, which he never told us about. I wonder if it deals with Voldemort.
I heard new footsteps coming in the classroom, and my head gives a 90° twist, as I notice the Gryffindor students start to come in, followed by some Slytherin fellows who were trying to piss Gryffindors all ready. I smile at some fellows and wave as well.
I guide Danity and myself to our usual first row seats, and we sit down. A few seconds later I feel someone poke my arm, my friend beside me.
“What?” I ask a little pissed, it had hurt some; she was never aware that her actual “pokes” hurt. She was weird at times. Was I too?
She points at a blonde headed boy; Scorpious. I raise an eye brow and stare back at her, it was okay with me. If he wanted that “Parkinson” girl to go with him, it was fine with me.
“I don’t care he asks Hailey Parkinson to go with him. I don’t care about him right now.” It is all I can say, I was, in fact, a little pissed because he had no nerves to say it to me; why? I crossed my arms, right over left.
“Hey girls,” someone says, I look up; James. I smile and pat the seat beside me. He sits down. He is a nice guy, he is like my best friend (him being a boy) but the weird fact was that he is a Gryffindor. Hard, I know, but we still hang out, the four of us: Danity, James, myself and James’s twin; Richard.
“Man, I didn’t notice you came in,” I say, as I smile, “Snape didn’t do much of a shout today.” I laugh. Snape usually started to yell or to say something when the Potter twins came in: they were usually into a prank with Snape.
“I know, I wasn’t feeling like fooling Snape today,” answers James, as we three laugh harshly. Everyone’s eyes are on us. Danity and I raise our eye brows at them, and stick our tongues out. Then looking back at them, I say:
“Have you asked someone, Jamie?”
He shakes his head. Oh well. It was not my business, and I cared not. Well, in fact, I did care; I just wasn’t feeling like asking him who he wanted to ask.
“You? Danity? Annie?” asked James.
Of course Danni would nod her head, which she did. I just shake my head from side to side, and grin. The Yule Ball was on Saturday, it was Wednesday, and I wasn’t worried. Maybe I would be going with no one, but myself. Maybe I would be going with some other friends, as a friend group or mostly known as: ‘Nobody asked us, so shut up dork!’ A side smile slides from my mouth with this thought as I look at James.
“You get your courage, if you’re such a Gryffindor, and ask a girl out,” I say. My upper lip curls over to the right, and a laugh follows.
My dark violet eyes meet someone else’s as I look around the room when a few seconds had gone by; Scorpious’. He motions his left hand, telling me that I should go over to him. I raise my eye brow, again, like for my tenth time in the day. I shake my head from one side to the other, telling him, a direct: no. My hand goes up from the bottom of the desk, and into the air in front of my chest. I gesture so that he comes to me, instead of me going to him. He shakes his head; why? I shrug my shoulders and frown. Why? I lip say to him. He points at Danity and James. I didn’t get it.
“What is he saying?” asks Danity. I go to stare at her. Had she noticed the whole ‘talk’? I flakily smile at them, and shrug my shoulders again.
“He asked me to go to him, I just want him to come, not me,” I reply to her. I disliked when she bumped into things like this, but I knew she was going to help if she found out something.
“I think he is actually going to ask you now, or something,” answers Danity. Was she sure? I look a little confused, but she places her head close to mine, and whispers in my ear: “If he does, just tell me.” I look back at James, who was looking as if wanting to know. I stand up, and start walking to him.
I feel a cold hand reach mine; I give a small jump and look at the hand. It seems familiar to me, but as I start to look at the person’s face, I notice it was James’s Twin; Richard. He lets go my hand as our eyes meet. I lower mine; I wasn’t someone that could maintain long eye contact. I’m shy although you don’t believe it.
“Sorry,” says Richard. I blush a little. He made me blush every time I looked at him. He was always not that really close to me like his brother, but we still sometimes had chilled out, just both of us; of course, like friends.
“Not to worry,” I answer a little shy and softly. I am still looking at my hand, which was by my side. “How you’ve been?” I ask softly again. I hadn’t thought about this before, but it had been the longest ten minute to class- to- class recess.
“I’ve been fine, thank you, and you?” replies the boy.
I nod and say: “Good.” Nothing would get into my head; it was empty from all words. I had always thought about James and Richard differently. James was like the fun, happy and foolish one of the two, who liked to make jokes on everyone. Richard was a little calmer, although he was also foolish like his brother. He thought about things clearly before saying them. He was a double thinker.
I look at Scorpious, he tilts his head to one side and lip says something I didn’t catch. I raise my hand and tell him to wait some seconds.
“We need to talk,” says Richard, I stay focused on him. He needs to talk with me? I frown a little because I’m confused.
“Okay,” I answer, “Right now?”
“Not right now. How about at the Lake’s shore at five (5) P.M?” he answers, smiling, his gentle and plain smile upon me.
“Deal,” I retort, smiling back. “See you later then.” I begin to walk back at Scorpious, leaving Richard behind.
I quickly revise that I look presentably. My shoes are tied up, my green socks are a little below my knees, my gray skirt looks okay and my white tee shirt too. I should carry my own personal mirror with me. I laugh at my own joke. I continue to walk towards Scorpious, until stopping drastically in front of him; at a decent distance.
“I didn’t catch the last thing you said,” I tell him, my eyes looking back into his. I wouldn’t say ‘sorry,’ because I wasn’t sorry to him.
“Hi,” he starts, looking back at his bag and taking something from it. Was it for me? “I want to give you this.” He hands a small, light blue box to me; a lime green bow around it, tying it tightly together. I smile at him; he is so cute to me.
“Thank you.”
“Just keep it safe. Oh! Between, has someone asked you to the …” He initiates, but before he can end his sentence, I notice Snape stand up from his desk. He takes out his wand, and with a smooth flick, black cauldrons appear in front of us. I look at Scorpious, and smile widely at him. “Than you … very much.”
Taking back a seat, I sit down beside Danity and show her the gift. She takes it to observe it herself, and beams at me. I know what she is thinking about. A first step into the question; fair enough! Maybe, he, in fact, is going to ask me soon.

Last classes end and we are released into nothingness. Not really, we just have to get our homework done and everything will be alright. Felicity and luck for me that I have no homework, just a 30 inch narrative essay about “The Muggle Invasion in the 80s,” for History of Magic class. It’s so not fair that we keep studying that class for two more years now. Professor Binns is not a great teacher, but I like the class because we can get the homework we are behind, done there.
I am ready for seeing Richard at the Lake’s Shore, I have changed my hairstyle . I’m wearing a high ponytail now. I bet I must look pretty. You bet. I walk out of the castle now, looking carefully that I don’t run into a hole or something. It was usual that I fell to the floor because of one. It was usual that I fell to the ground everyday, it was not normal when I didn’t; it is considered a miracle. Maybe, I just fell against someone, but it was still considered a stupid fall. Suddenly, I notice a tall silhouette by the Lake’s nearest face; Richard. I can’t wait to acknowledge what he intends to tell me. Was it really important? Should I have changed my school uniform into something different?
“Hey!” He says enthusiastically. I look at his pretty green eyes and smile. I blush with no reason, so I lower my glance a little. “I’m glad you did come. I was wondering where you were.”
Oh My God! Why was Richard so nice to me? He is always really preoccupied about the things that happen to me, although I hadn’t noticed until now. I can’t do something else, but grin at him.
“Sorry if I took a little longer. I was having a hair do. Just if you didn’t notice,” I react to him; he is still looking at me. I know so because I am looking at him by the corner of my eye.
“No, no, no, nothing to say sorry, especially to me. And, by the way, I did notice your new hairstyle, I was going to comment on it; you look really pretty, you know,” He responds. I cannot believe that he’s saying these things to me. Was he blushing right now? I could see his red ears pop out from his hair; he looked handsome. Was I falling for him? Had I fallen in love of him? I looked to the ground, blushing too.
“Thank you. It was no big deal for me; you know I can do this easily because I’m a Metamorphmagus. ”
“I know, you told me.” I notice him take a seat on the white sand, he pats the right side. “Take a seat please, so that I can tell you what I wanted to tell you.”
My heart skips a beat and sinks, I really wanted to know. I quickly sit beside him, cross legged. I can feel how my stomach lurks around, as if I had tiny butterflies loathing roughly in it.
“What is it, Ritchie?” I ask softly. I like calling everyone who’s my friend by their nicknames. Richard has never called me Anne Marie, and so, I have never called him Richard.
“Has…anyone,” He starts, taking his left hand over to the back of his head. He scratches his head and continued playing with the tip of his curly hair. “…Asked you to the Ball already?”
I notice him a little nervous as he asks this. I suddenly become sad, and shake my head from one side to the other.
“No one, it seems as if I were this terrible girl that bites really hard,” I answer to his question, honestly. “I know I bite really hard and everything, but I…” Ritchie places his second finger over my lips gently. I shush suddenly.
“I am glad because I was wondering if,” He retakes from his question. My heart sinks again as the butterflies become a tornado and destroy my stomach . My moves are slow as for my hands, they become ice temples. “Would you like to go to the Yule Ball with me?”
Had he asked me to go with him? I blinked for a couple of seconds, I couldn’t think clearly, but the only thing I remembered was that he made me blushed; because the color had gotten into my cheeks already. I look up at him and nod slightly.
“I would be pleased,” I declare to him softly. I can see him come close to me, and wrap his broad arms around my shoulders. I’m really pleased, not pleased, but extremely happy. Scorpious’s gift lay over my bed’s surface; I haven’t opened it.
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